Hi! I’m Melissa Marie. I am the woman who got tired of waiting for her life to change and showed up to live and change it instead. 

I was sleepwalking through life, fighting daily against systemic lupus. I have never been in remission for the past 16 years. I thought it was enough just to fight and breathe. I was wrong. Life was happening and I was missing it. The desire hit me hard. Deep in my heart, I craved an illustrious and gorgeous life.

On The Fashioned Woman, I share my journey as a way to inspire others to show up for life as well. It is my deepest desire to tug at your heartstrings so that you will awake to create the life you deeply crave. I  dig into faith, beauty, lifestyle, chronic illness, and finance striving to help others who fight to live. To sum it up, I write about how to live in the moments and live a truly beautiful life regardless of your circumstance.

I am a hybrid Texan with Louisiana and California roots.  Texas has taught me so much and is the place that my husband and I became debt-free!  We strive to live a debt-free life and living each moment with grace.

If you have a passion to show up for life I hope you will enlist for the cause with me!


♦ Melissa Marie

P.S. I am a proud fur mom!

Our Little Lamb