Hi! I’m Melissa Marie. I am the woman who got tired of waiting for her life to change and showed up to live and change it instead. 

I was sleepwalking through life, fighting daily against systemic lupus. I have never been in remission in the past 16 years and the damage was not only to my body but also my mind. I began to sit on the sidelines of life and eventually just quit showing up for it.

I was in a slump and desiring a change, but I did not know where to start. I had inspiration and little else. I remember feeling that it felt good to be alive and I should start living MORE.

Here on The Fashioned Woman, I share how I am fashioning my life in hopes of encouraging you to be more than you ever dreamed.

I also write about frugality, homemaking, faith, chronic illness, fashion and the little bits of life in between.

Just a bit about me

I am a hybrid Texan with Louisiana and California roots. My husband and I strive to live debt-free and a slow-paced life of grace.  I am a full-time homemaker and enjoy writing, traveling, reading, chocolate and a good time with friends.

Because my roots are so varied, I like to call my self an All- American girl who enjoys wearing a pair of cowgirl boots and stilettos. I say, yes ma’am and no Sir’s, I say Y’all and you guys, I like sweet tea and gourmet food, I like sports and fashion shows, I sew better by hand than by machine and I am a proud American girl married to the love of my life ( no really, I truly am).

I believe that even though life hands us difficult circumstances we can find the right choice to adapt our adaptations and create a beautiful life.

I am honored that you are here and hope you will stick around while you become inspired to write your own beautiful life’s story!


Melissa Marie

Note: You will find that every weekend there is a post that will be titled the “Sunrise Weekender” it is just a quick couple of minute read that is quirky and informal for you to enjoy!

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