Minimalism For The Last Time

We are a debt-free household. My husband and I agree on this. Not to get nerdy on ya but it took us two times to finally say no to consumer debt! Who does that?!

Sadly, we did!


So I was on the minimalism journey but my husband felt our home was too sparse because I got rid of everything so suddenly.

So then, I tried to appease him since we like to live in harmony that I began to hang pictures, then put out things that people bought us and then began frugally yard-saling and accepting freebies, hand me downs and stuff.

Stuff, stuff,and more stuff.

I like to save the landfill but my home is not a landfill either. I donate responsibly and will be having a yard sale soon but how in the world did I allow the clutter bug to creep past my intentional walls?


I know, I am a stroke survivor times two, maybe I just do not learn in the two first lessons of things because this time I am done with big purges.

I handed Mr. Fashion Man a sticky note pad and said, tag everything you would keep.

Can you believe he did not tag nare one of my cottage cozy figurines, mirrors, sentimental items, or miscellaneous that I held onto thinking I was doing this sacrifice for him.


I was stunned.

Here are the items he tagged.

Framed flag that we did together- I guess this counts as sentimental.

3 lamps

Live Plants


Refrigerator – this made me laugh.

Kitchen Island – his Dad built it- sentimental as well, so I guess I was wrong about the sentimentality of the “things” that he chose.



2 sitting chairs

That is it.

I love it!

But I found myself overwhelmed again.

Now, this time around I was faced with what I want to keep.

I am a frugal person and despise wastefulness but I am being wasteful storing stuff that is not getting used.

So for me, the best therapy was to come here to y’all and write it out.

person pouring tea on a cup
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I own things that hold guilt because I do not use them.

I hold onto gifts because of sentimental reasons.

I love having stuff from random places, it makes my cozy heart happy.

I despise clutter.

Clutter does not equal cozy to me it equates to overloaded thinking and overwhelm.

I am going to let the gifts that are not being used go because someone else would love it.

The sentimental gifts that mean the most will get displayed.

People are not things, things are not people.

I am being wasteful by not relinquishing the item to a better owner who would keep it and cherish the item.

No more excuses.

I purged the office desk and will be selling stuff online that could go into my savings and give me space.

Room by room I will go, not asking why but being ruthless.

It is the quality of life that I seek to live with less so that I can go live More!

It took a while amidst the clutter to see that Mr. Fashioned Man and I wanted the same things all along. I am glad we now know.




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