Sharing Your Faith In A Taboo Society

There are so many religions that I learned about in college citing through the hundreds possibly even thousands when we consider the black magic cultish ones and the man-made ones, the list is quite exhausting.

The class was called the Philosophy Of Religions, given by a wonderful confused professor who was kind but no faith, he believed they were all man-made but he had a love for people.

He was so kind that no heated debates took place and it was a secular college! I just sat like a sponge for the first half of the semester hearing “stories” then it came to my faith.

It was as though he ripped up Christianity-(In case you are wondering; God made flesh to save humanity, died on the cross for our sins to redeem us and love us and when we die to create a home for those that believe in Him. I believe He is the only God, Jesus is His name and He is the same God of the universe, the creator of all things), and I sat there speechless and emailed my theologian friend because even I was having my “open mind ” filled with trash talk that confused me.

He was the kind of professor that was soft-spoken and you would never or rather never go against his teachings because his way of thinking was that no religion really exists and that it is all a theory in which humans make up to comfort themselves.

woman sitting on chair while using laptop computer

Ever since this class, I found my way to my Bible and prayed and cried and prayed A LOT more.

I never have doubted my faith as much as I did that semester, but finding my way back to the Bible and having a friend and Pastor help me study the scriptures grounded me in a unique way.

I do not doubt anymore. God revealed himself to me with His presence and wisdom to open my mind with understanding and wholesomeness, not confusion.

Confusion is not of God and that should have been my first alarm to run.

I was thinking if people are so turned off by “religion” even though I see Christianity more like a relationship than “having” to do rituals, the question begs to answer, how can we share our faith in a society that considers it taboo?

Ways Of Sharing Your Faith

Living out the faith every single day.

The most important is when you are alone, this is when temptation comes, depression seeps in or we are tested in anger, bitterness, etc. If we can live out our faith and have a standard that God and we have created out of conviction then it will show in public. You won’t accidentally curse, or lust or anything that is sinful. Repentance will be on your tongue because you will know you have done something against what God desires from us.


Having Your Own Standard. 

Yes, whatever community that you belong to will have guidelines expected of its members and if it does not, create your own between you and God.

Stick with your standard to separate yourself from the majority.

This is not to say you should not have fun or that you need to be a stickler but let others know its a belief and between you and God. Let them laugh or respect you more for it. Either way, we answer to God, not to man.


The Living Word And Prayer

I hear a lot of people ask, ” How do I know this word was from God, or this feeling to give how is it from God?”

The simple answer to that is that God is good and all things that are good come from Him.

James 1:17-21 King James Version (KJV)

17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning


Satan is NOT going to put good ideas in your heart or mind. Period. Ever. That’s how you know.

To know God is to read the Bible that was written by men that heard from God.

Ask Jesus for wisdom to understand His Word and He will reveal Himself to you.

Sadly, I have read the Bible out of ritual and left the book unchanged in my heart.

Now when I seek Jesus, I grab the Bible and ask for guidance and that God uncovers me so that I can see the error of my ways so that I may correct them.

Reading the Bible this way not only makes you spiritually fit, it is as though you are standing in front of a mirror and God reflects what needs changing in your heart, in your mind and soul then He shows you how.

woman holding mirror against her head in the middle of forest

It’s like going to a spa, you will feel so refreshed and come out feeling beautiful!

By living this way the world will see you as different because of the peace that emanates from you and the grace you are able to give to others will shine for God’s glory, not ours.

So to share the faith when the world says it is taboo? Share it anyway, live it anyway.

I would rather be despised for living out the truth than blending in the lies.



Melissa Marie

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