Making Friends Through Social Media

It’s hot here on the cul de sac where I live. I have stayed mostly indoors due to the heat because I overheat but I am one of the rare ones that do not actually complain about the heat.

Because I am indoors and my friends have kids or are on “vacay” and I am on stay-cay while we stay debt-free, So besides laying outdoors for vitamin D for 20 minutes, I peruse online looking for inspiration or like-minded folks.

With simple living at the forefront of my life, I often put my phone away and on silent when in public. I do this to focus on the person in front of me but lately, have been finding such intriguing folks on the internet that my friendly sphere is growing and I am loving it.

In person, you meet the kindest people this way. No names exchanged just eye contact, smiling and feel-good interaction is so much better than any “likes” on the internet but sometimes the internet can be used for great things like learning, going to college, engaging with like-minded or different folks, hobbies etcetera.

Now on my bucket list is to meet some of my favorite people on Instagram, they just seem like we would become lifelong friends and ya never know until you try.

So go ahead, don’t be shy to reach out to your social media contacts to enrich your lives even further.

I know I have been blessed so far, and when I meet them in person you will know about it first hand!

Much Love,

Melissa Marie

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