The Gritty Dare: Getting Back To Your Dreams When You Have Nothing To Give

The GrittyDare: Getting Back To Your Dreams When You Have Nothing To Give

By: Melissa Marie

By God’s grace and my grit, I sit where I am.

I lay where I lay after being rebooted in the brain by what the white coats call a seizure.

I sat in the sterile office staring at the traffic ooze by. I sat and thought and thought.

I thought so hard that a simple process of thinking began to make me sit up in my chair a little taller.

A little dandelion weed began to sprout little fuzzies in my heart as I thought harder.

“Careful, you might send yourself into another episode for thinking this hard” My careful side said.

The crazier side replied, ” Ssh I am dreaming.”

Yes, this sounds crazy I hold conversations in my head and out loud it’s not crazy its called being a writer and no, I don’t need a therapist.

If you have a therapist great if you don’t, fine.

I am not crazy, I just lost my pizazz for awhile.

Then something big happened.

I called a timeout from the doctors so for a few months after August I will be on hiatus from them and back into the kitchen making delicious meals, heading to my favorite coffee shop and having a cold one on me of course.

Living the luxury of my own version of remission which is not having to be bruised, stuck in traffic and with needles, just a breather to work on MY dreams.

I can taste the bitter, gritty medicines while I work on my life.

Dreams wait to be born.

So they are difficult, choose your level of hard because life without dreams is living without wings.

I just had an epiphany while in that thinking chair, I have wings.

Oh my word, I have WINGS!

My beautiful brain dreamt a dream, fizzled or not it will make these wings fly.

xo, Melissa Marie



  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart with us 💜
    Thank you Jesus for dreams and thank you for the dreams you have given Melissa. Let her focus on you and those dreams you’ve given her on this break she takes.

    Liked by 1 person

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