The Sunrise Weekender: Mediocrity Does Not Belong Here

Hello weekenders, I hope that you don’t mind but today’s “Weekender”  is going to be a little bit off the beaten regular path.

Picture this with me…

We are on the cliffs, of a beach, come out onto the sand and get your feet wet. It’s the Pacific Ocean so your feet might get a little red and numb from the coldness or in my lupus case a little blue, but we need the roar of the ocean to have this conversation and the wet water on our feet to help us feel alive!

Here is a visual for you to help you follow along with my frustration.

Do not worry this is not a break-up letter, but more like a friend to friend conversation.

So, life has been crazy for everyone, right? We are all fighting illness, life, death, happiness, creating purpose etcetera.

So whatever your story, you have been patient enough to follow mine.

Here is the thing, it is NOT easy to write about my illnesses but it consumes my daily life. I only have a limited amount of things that  I can put my energies into and one of them is this blog.

So when I say mediocrity does not belong here, I mean going around the same block a hundred times for nothing, means nothing. 

In other words, my WRITING to you needs to mean everything and I believe it does but lately, I feel I am writing just to stay consistent and honest, but I want to give you the very best articles. 

I want to write with wild abandonment and be different than any other blog you have ever read.

I want to give you information that assists you in every way or at least some small part of your life.

Now, I have a thing I volunteered to do for 15 days that may keep me from writing because the WordPress app on my phone does not upload correctly, I will only be available on Instagram but even then,  I will be brainstorming ways to bring you fantastic content because you deserve that!

Please let me know what you are interested in the comments below or I will write as I have been but with more vigor and passion on the topics listed on the homepage.

I hope to hear from you!


Melissa Marie


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