The Sunrise Weekender: Your Relationship With Food

Hello there Weekenders, this week we will still have the traditional layout of the Sunrise Weekender, but it will be all about food! Who does not love nor need food? It is, however, our sustenance to survive, enjoy and the best is to discover new things for our palate ( taste buds).

Sadly, food has become a highly controversial subject and I would like to DEBUNK that idea that food is bad.

Food is food.

Whether high in calories, preservatives, carnivores or vegans, whole foods, Keto, any diet is may work but I am not here to debunk the diets, I am here to talk about our actual relationship with food.

Hopefully, we all agree as living beings we need food to survive whether it’s berries or meat or we will starve and die depending on your weight within 8-21 days. According to,


Just because your body can survive for days without food doesn’t mean you should starve yourself, even if you’re trying to lose weight. Starvation not only breaks down stored body fat for fuel but lean muscle tissue as well. Starvation often causes malnutrition, which can lead to physical disabilities, mental disabilities, illnesses, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, lack of menstruation in women and rapid hair loss, according to MedlinePlus.


Safe Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, make healthier food choices rather than avoiding food entirely. Reduce your current intake by 500 to 1,000 calories daily, and aim to achieve a 1- to 2-pound weekly weight-loss goal. To increase satiety without the extra calories, choose foods rich in fiber, protein or both. Examples include lean poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods, whole grains, soy products, legumes, nuts, and seeds.”

Personal Journey

I have been anorexic and bulimic in my teen years, I tried Veganism for 2 years, Paleo for one year, Dr. Furhmans Diet 6 months, The Daniel’s fast for one year, Gluten-Free for 3 months, sugar-free for 1 year and the list goes on.

On each of these diets, I felt better some days on other days sicker than a dog with parvo ( I think, I am human and not a k-9 after all) it could be the underlying Systemic Lupus that wreaked havoc, but the point is that on all these journies my relationship with food was unhealthy.

I saw food as a bad way to gain weight rather than to fuel my body.

I read so many books that I did not want to eat anything because everything was bad for you.

I was so overwhelmed due to the scrutiny of society, if I declined to eat something solely because I was avoiding that type of food I was punished with ill wishes or people flat out telling me that my research was bogus and I was harming my body.

So, in the end, I have learned a valuable lesson, do the best you can with food.

Eat it and thank God that you have sustenance to not starve. 

Food doesn’t have feelings, we do.

Binge eating is not recommended, neither is the avoidance of food.

Food is not the culprit here, our way of thinking of food and how much we eat is.

Whether too little or too much your body responds to your actions.

The secret is listening to your body it will let you know when something is not good for it.

Self Image

The other is self-love. Do you love yourself? This is not a vain question, it is a question of morality.

If you dislike yourself, you will destroy not only your mental image of yourself, emotional well being, and your health.

If you are a Christian the Bible says, ” love your neighbor as yourself” ( Matt 22:39)  Yet, I see so many people not loving themselves.

They say things like, ” Oh if only I was this weight, or I am too blank.”

This mentality not only blocks us from self-love but it attacks our mentality with food.

I am not proclaiming to go eat nothing but processed food and say, ” Oh I love myself, therefore, I will continuously overeat”

What I am proclaiming is that inspiration will be fleeting. It will come and go but your basic understanding of food will stay and will determine if you can create self-love or not. 

With that being said, we are all on a journey of food and life, be kind to those trying to figure out what is working or trying to work for their body.

Be an encourager, not a discourager.

Quote Of The Week

woman wearing brown dungaree pants holding sunhat and picnic basket
“If Only Our Eyes Saw Souls Instead Of Bodies How Very Different  Our Ideals Of Beauty Would Look”- Unknown


Two Things I Have Learned

body weight, weight loss, weight lift, self love

Me, recently at my husband’s 2019 marathon which marked 1 year since my stroke and bed rest put me back at my highest weight. I did not want to take a photo but because moments are fleeting, I captured it.

First off, I have learned that self-love and body positivity reaches beyond food and into our outlook on life.

We must be careful of the way we think because we will believe it and most of the time it is negative talk that we have within ourselves. Let us change that. Take the picture, it does not define who you are it is just a stage you are passing through.

Secondly, this one is random but food-related: use up the spices you have in your cabinet before buying more. Spices take up so much unneeded space. If there is one that you did not like, pass it on to friends.

Two Random Tips For You

If April showers bring May flowers then let your words be kind to yourself and others and let yourself bloom. Scrutinize your relationship with food and fix the gaps.

Secondly, start a donation box and write a time limit when that box must go. If you have not needed anything in that time from the box then just let it go.

Find a charity shop that donates meals to seniors like Meals on Wheels or something similar in your area.

A Mini Challenge

Put a gallon freezer bag in your car and fill it with to go food like granola bars, fruit pouches or containers, or easy to eat produce and place it in your backseat for the next time you see someone begging, you can bless them.

A Blessing For You

May you not just read this article lightly but be blessed by its contents. May you find your relationship with food to lighten the burden of the unnecessary stress of whether something is healthy and just do your best in eating and exploring the food the Lord has made for you.


Melissa Marie



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