The Sunrise Weekender: Springing Into Action

The Sunrise Weekender: Springing Into Action 

By Melissa Marie

Hello, Weekenders! I hope you have a great weekend planned, if not I encourage you to spring into action to go out of your way to create some fond memories.

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

I am finally letting go of the “ideas” of how I think things should be, mostly when I cannot change someone. If they want to be cold and indifferent, it does not mean that I should do the same. If anything, I should be quite the opposite, although it is an extremely difficult thing to do. I am springing into action and letting THAT go.


It’s MY life, but I learned that my actions do affect others.  I must be wise in selecting my choices in life but free to be me.

Two Random Tips For You

Try not to put so much emphasis on your side hustles, or busyness that you forget those around you. This world needs you, your voice and presence, be present.

Number 2, spring into action by decluttering your phone or social media accounts. How do these accounts make you feel? Are uninspired or inspired? Clean house on the device we carry around the most.

The Quote Of The Week

activity adult barbecue bbq
“Happy  Times Come And Go, But The Memories Stay Forever”-

The Mini Challenge

Challenge yourself to serve someone whether in need or not. Do something out of the ordinary for them.

A Blessing For You 

May you always feel loved and never empty. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.




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