Growing Is Power: Spring Is The Season For Growth.

Growing Is Power: Spring Is The Season For Growth.

By Melissa Marie

It is the season where everyone is confused about whether to pack up the sweaters and scarfs or layer the wardrobe.

The weather has a mind of its own. It obeys no one on earth and certainly it is quite normal to wear layers or to be seen carrying a sweater or jacket.

However, not many think about the changing season as a season of change in their own lives.

STOP. Think about it for a night or a week, how can you do something better? 

How can you grow this season? Be careful of becoming stagnant.

gray sweater and black framed sunglasses outfit


I encourage you while you layer your wardrobe and fight the rain in this spring season.: soak it in and ask yourself how can I change by summer? It can be something small that makes a world of difference.

No excuses, reasons maybe, but no excuse why you cannot grow by the end of the rain.

Let the rain quench your soul and deepen the seed of change that needs to happen.

Growing is power and you own the power to live better, be kinder, or go in the direction that your heart longs to go.

Growing is your superpower, spring into action and let go of the stuff that is holding you back!

Replant your roots, change the soil or stay so you can grow, no matter what it is, the fact of it all is that your character and life are changing.

I dare ya because I know you can!



Please share what you want to work on in the comments. I would love to hear from YOU! ♥

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