Sunrise Weekender: Arise To Life

Sunrise Weekender: Arise To Life

By Melissa Marie

Hello my Weekenders, isn’t it just a wonder that one can interpret a bunch of lettering and it speaks to the soul?

I love to know how to read, what a blessing that alone is to be grateful for.

This month has taught me that things can go from bad to worse when you think it can’t. However, through the storm, God has been faithful and I won’t drown, but it sure does make one grateful for the small things in life.

So here are cheers that I GET to write to you another Sunrise Weekender, the Arise To Life is due to the things life has thrown at me lately. I am sure you can relate somehow or some season in your life when this has happened but I pray it isn’t now but if it is, I know exactly how you feel.

Aren’t we all just living beings going through life, building the best life that we can and withstanding the storms that the mystery of life brings?

Two Things That I Learned This Week /Month

My seizures are still not under control, I was almost dismissed from a flight home because I had a seizure while boarding Southwest Airlines.  Thank God, the pilot caved in when I told him it was just my life and not life-threatening, I had a whole little bit of faith.

I was taking care of business while I visited a loved one with stage 4 cancer, only to come home and find out another close friend has a different aggressive cancer, again.

Then, the punch that nearly killed me was losing a loved one in an accident, he was the glue to our family.

I had never lost anyone in my life, this was the first, and sadly I know not the last.

Death hurts so bad. Cancer angers me, and my inability to be a first responder to those I love dealing with these atrocious matters breaks my heart.

yellow flower
The Compassion bleeds from my heart.

So, I find myself humbled to my knees, never understanding just reeling in a space where I stand on moon dust and then float. Then a doctor gave me a threatening diagnosis that I refuse to believe until a second opinion but it nags me. I need to learn to leave it at the cross because I know I cannot bear it alone without Him.

All of this in my March forward month. All I could say was, Jesus.


This song sums up my heart by Casting Crowns:

Make it count, leave a mark, build a name for yourself
Dream your dreams, chase your heart, above all else
Make a name the world remembers
But all an empty world can sell is empty dreams
I got lost in the light when it was up to me
To make a name the world remembers
But Jesus is the only name to remember
And I, I don’t want to leave a legacy
I don’t care if they remember me
Only Jesus
And I, I’ve only got one life to live
I’ll let every second point to Him
Only Jesus
All the kingdoms built, all the trophies won
Will crumble into dust when it’s said and done
‘Cause all that really mattered
Did I live the truth to the ones I love?
Was my life the proof that there is only One
Whose name will last forever?
Jesus is the only thing my mind is on this March Forward month. It was supposed to be a smash it month but it ended up being keeping my knees down in prayer and keeping my eyes on Him, lest I falter and begin to drown like the Apostle Peter.
The 2nd thing That I Learned
 I learned even though I felt all of these emotions and situations were swirling around me like a merry go round, I still went through the motions to be fashionable and a lady of grace.
I rolled my hair, I slipped into the stilettos and placed the silk scarf around my neck or hair.
No matter the occasion sad or happy, show up dressed for yourself.
In all the sadness, I let God’s grace flow over me, while I pull out the brightest things from my wardrobe and wear the best smile in my peach lip gloss.
The tears fall but at least the scarf can be used as a hankie to wipe away the leaky eyes.
Like I said before, aren’t we all just living beings going through life, building the best life that we can and withstanding the storms that the mystery of life brings?
Bringing out the color to lighten up my basic wardrobe and lift my mood.

Two Random Tips For You

If you find yourself in a funk, know that no one knows what tomorrow brings.

Arise to life, go after your goals in the best way you know how, but do not wait for the rain or a storm to awaken you because it will shake you and make you stumble rather than inspire you.

Instead of inspiration from me or anyone else just go for it. Change today, even if it is small.

Your success is yours and no one can tell you at what amount success can be labeled. Label yourself and whatever you do, quit sleepwalking.

Secondly, that wardrobe item that you do not have anything to wear with, just wear it and rock it! ♥♥♥

Quote Of The Week

A Mini Challenge For You

Hug someone you know just because. Tell them it is national hug day because it is what fashioned women like us do.

A Blessing For You 

May your spring days be long and full of warm sunshine. May it heal the pain in your bones and bring a waterfall of joy with an overflow like a babbling brook. May your smile be contagious and the best asset to your wardrobe!



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