Sunrise Weekender: The Focused Mind Of A Minimalist Homemaker

Sunrise Weekender: The Focused Mind Of A Minimalist Homemaker

By Melissa Marie

Hi there, welcome to the Sunrise Weekender. I am so happy you are here.

Grab your cup of hot beverage and join me as I go over tips to help you, things that I have learned and some fun fluff.

I hope you are not snowed in or too cold but snuggled into your little cottage or big home whatever it is, I hope you are comfortable!


So let us just jump right in shall we?!

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week 

-I have accidentally allowed clutter creep to come back into the house. I have learned that the busier my life gets if someone gives me something I just find a place for it whether I like it or not. Not anymore. I am going to be ruthless in this home, no matter how busy I am it means I need to slow down, clear the clutter and refocus.

Even Homemaker’s get distracted on what needs to be done and no, it is not by binging television.

– I learned that reasons are not necessarily excuses but an excuse is not a reason.

For example, I do my chores while I have the energy so I try to get it done but sometimes cannot finish, the disease is the reason, not the excuse.

If I never workout because I have a chronic illness this is an excuse NOT a reason. I hope this makes sense.


Two Random Tips For You

-Never rely fully on one income. Try to create multiple streams.

-Uncover the home you have always wanted to live in, regardless of the comments of others.

It is your home, your haven, reveal it with pride.

The Quote Of The Week

paper scrap lot

“Never Organize What You Can Discard” #minimalisthome -Joshua Becker

A Mini Challenge For You

Give a stranger some food, preferably a homeless person but a neighbor counts too. Make a meal for them 🙂

man lying on barricades


So essentially, I learned that having a focused mind as a homemaker and taking away the fluff helps to remind me that being mindful needs to be at the forefront of taking life one moment at a time is vital to a calm life.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


What did you learn about yourself this weekend?

Please share in the comments below!










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