Frugal Minimalist Christmas Home Tour 2018

Okay, so I know the cliche of minimalism is empty apartments or homes to be considered “minimalist” but for me, it is an ever-evolving lifestyle. To me, minimalism is about finding what works for you and ridding yourself of the rest. Minimalism is about getting rid of what does not matter and it even pertains to finding out that it sweeps over into your everyday life and sometimes has nothing to do with stuff at all. Frugality is a way of life that we choose to be able to live better on less so that we can one day live like no one else.

We sacrifice in a good way not in deprivation but in a discipline with our money so that we can achieve things that matter to us in our lives that is where the frugal minimalist term comes in. I don’t constantly donate unless I know that it is not needed. My home is uncluttered to me and everything has a home and serves a purpose to us.

Home should be a place you never want to leave and when you do, upon returning you are ever so grateful to just be HOME.

So, on that note, I always love to see other people’s kingdoms (homes) how they live and what it looks like. I like to see if I can learn something new from them and apply it to my life.

Since I absolutely love to creep on the internet and see the home tour’s, I thought I would invite you int my home to view a few touches of my homey Christmas decor to make my home festive on a minimal budget. 

This year we bought our tree from our local nursery and we are never turning back. It was like $10 more ( not so frugal to buy a new Christmas tree every year, I know but ya know you only live once and my husband says a fresh tree is a non-negotiable).  The tree smells amazing, it looks and feels so amazing I might keep it up till is passes on.

I know, the nerve of keeping a Christmas tree up in January! I have always thought only lazy people had Christmas decor up in January but I might strip it bare and let it sit beautifully on the back patio until it passes. 

Until then let’ enjoy it in all of its splendor!

It is filled with homemade ornaments from my family and only sentimental ornaments. I bought the weird horn on the top of the tree because..well I like different.

 Okay so the tree is not frugal nor very minimal but we did only put the most important to us ornaments on it.

My husband added the gold and red to match the bow since he is a matchy-matchy kind of guy and we have had those ornaments for about 7 years, $0 spent this year.

The tinsel came from the Dollar Tree last year $0 spent this year. The beads came from a yard sale this year and it was two packages for only $.50 and the shiny bright blue star ornament was .25 cents at the same sale!

  I had bought the ribbon last year from the after Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby so about $2.00 for that and it has been used everywhere for family gifts so by the time I added the bow for the tree I would say it estimates for about $.50. The little silver ornaments were $1.00 for a tube at the Dollar Tree in which I hung in a few places so this breaks down to about $.50.

The most expensive part was the tree coming in at $70! Hey, you only live once and if it keeps my husband happy, you bet I will spend it every year! That is the cool thing about being frugal, you can spend where it is important to you or to your loved ones. 

Total cost for our tree and decor this year comes to $71.25

**Each ornament has a picture of my family but it is turned around for privacy purposes.

I challenged myself this year to have every gift wrapped and ready to roll before December 1st hit, I was at 98.99 percent. Macy’s took a while to send their packages. However, I was able to put a lot of thought into each individual’s gift and now have been enjoying get-togethers without stressing. 

Starting on December 1st, I began to give out my friends and family little tokens of gifts. I don’t have any left so I have no picture but I filled mason jars with granola, made a trail mix of white and dark chocolate with pecans and cranberries and did little baggies of pretzels to keep their home fires burning, This helped me feel more of the giving and it has been awesome!

So, here is my living room which is the second most used room beside the kitchen which is the heart of our home.

I just added a bit here and there and it ended up being maximalist, but I am okay with that for our favorite holiday. I mean we are celebrating Christ’s birthday whether we decorate or not but I like to be festive because as a Christian it means the world to me.

Stockings, my biggest temptation to peek!

IMG_0840 (1)

My Charles Dickens Tribute Corner $1 tin sleigh ornament at Dollar Tree
I ran out of wrapping so I rolled with it and made it funny! Wrapping $1
IMG_0838If you are looking for a great alternative to expensive candles, these signature soy brand from Target are awesome! $10 spent.

Our stocking holders broke after 8 years, so I thrifted these for $3 a piece. I thought they looked so happy!
 Total Expense for Stocking Holders : $ 6.00
The Frugal Minimalist dog’s tree in case your dog was needing some inspiration. 
Free from the estate, dollar tree lights from last year, 2 ornaments bought this year at dollar tree from the tube so about .50 cents, the ribbon of about two years ago.
Total expense: Note just added $1.00 total for a tube of ornaments.

IMG_0833 (1)
I traded my time to work at an estate for a friend and got this basket for free. I just added some throw blankets for coziness. Total Cost: $0
The top of the homemade bookshelf: Elle brand Christmas tree thrifted two years ago, The bunny a Tj Maxx buy this year for $6 after Easter, the Believe Ornament was $1.00 from Dollar Tree and the Gas Lamp was gifted.  The lights already owned. Total expense: $7
IMG_0830 (1)
Gold Candles for free at the estate.
Candelabra ( thrifted 5 years ago).
Nativity Set 1 =already owned. Total expense this year: $0

The Bay window with cinnamon pine cones, a gift from my parents.

Now to the heart of the home, the kitchen. 

We are saving up for a home of our own as many of you know if you have been around here for a minute. So, I make my home a nest of coziness the best I can since I cannot remodel all the while remembering that it is not about the look of my home it is the love and nurturing that matters. 

So, please in no way do I want you to feel like you need to have a lot or be more like me in any way. You be your beautiful self and decorate how you will I just hope to inspire you to nest in your home to make it cozy.

My main center; everything already owned so $0 cost.
Christmas Apron from TJ Maxx last year.
                                                   My simple tablescape.
Napkins, placemats and salt and pepper with candles on the sides, a functional yet pretty and simple centerpiece.  I scored the gold lazy susan, salt and pepper shakers and the napkin holders from the estate for a trade of my help. The basket I bought about 3 years ago at Michaels and the placemats are at Wal -Mart and I bought them this year for about $12  but it does not really count in the Christmas decor since I spent it in September out of necessity to protect my table. The candle holders were free from my neighbor who gave them to me after her garage sale. Score!
 The lamp in the dining area adorned with a nativity set to make it festive. Already owned the ornament so the gold glitter globe was from dollar tree .25 cents since they come in a packet.
 This Cookie Jar is the cutest!
 There are really cookies in it!
 I got this cookie jar for .50 cents, the candle holder for free after my neighbor was done with her yard sale and the pinecones from my parents! Score!
The Kitchen Island a gift from a close family member made from pallets!
 I only paid $1 for all of the candles from a thrift store. 

IMG_0800 (1)
I received this Marine Nutcracker as a bonus from after spending a lot of money 4 years ago.
The Marine Nutcracker needed a friend so from the estate, I scored this guy for my work and he is adorable!
My kitchen towels, Threshold brand from Target clearance of $2 Last Year. 
At a yard sale, I bought the hot plate for $.25 cents and I love the bunny on it!

A splash of Christmas Decor in the bedroom and bathrooms.


I scored the wreath and the shabby pillows at my annual swap this year so free.99! The peace on earth pillow was also free as it was a lovely gift last year. 
I put these on our sink. I found them for .25 cents at a yard sale and they make me so happy! These are keepers for sure!
The Guest Bathroom needed a little sparkle! Two ornaments estimate from the Dollar Tree .50 cents the tree one’ s I bought last year.

I have been so minimal on Christmas for the past 5 years that this year I let myself have a good time and just add some sparkle a little here and there. I hope you enjoyed the sparkle of Christmas that I added to my home. 

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope it is calm and bright. Remember, it isn’t about the presents but the memories and the presence of your attention.

For Christians, it is about being so grateful that the creator of the earth graced us with himself by coming to earth to save mankind so we celebrate his birth as a man but He is very much the same God who created the world in which we live. 

Whatever you believe, I hope you have wonderful holidays!

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my home! I enjoyed photographing it for you! Now, its time for a hot cocoa with some whipped cream and crushed peppermint! Yum!

Total Spent On Christmas Decor In  2018: $112 including the tree, wrapping etc.

Not bad considering I bought the mats in September so they are not really Christmas decor bringing our Christmas total to an even $100 with a real tree. 🙂 I will work on lowering that price next year, you can count on that! It was so much fun breaking everything down for you and showing you that being a frugal minimalist is not about slavery but the freedom to be creative and content.

Share with me, are you frugal a minimalist, a maximalist, or an organizer ?

Do you get your Christmas shopping done early? Any tips to share?

I would love to learn from you!♥

Again, wishing you a Merry Christmas my friends!


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