Sunrise Weekender V.19: Holidays and why less is more

Sunrise Weekender V.19: Holidays and why less is more

By Melissa Marie

Hello Weekenders, I hope that you are enjoying the seasons changing to colder weather. I hope you will grab a hot beverage or iced whatever you like and dive into my little space of the internet and gain something from it!

Let us fall right into the Sunrise Weekender; Why Less Is More

Two New Things That I Learned About Me This Week

First, let us cover how I really learned that less is more. If you are new around here,  I believe in decluttering your mind, home, heart, and soul to create space to focus on the things, people and places that matter.

Now, I have been practicing this way of living for about six years and really love it.

This year, the time has literally flown by so fast that in December I am taking the month off. While most will be gearing up for many festivities, I will pick and choose and leave mostly quiet empty spots. I am going to be minimal in my December 2018.

I want an authentic laugh and less holiday bustle.

I want to be truly grateful this November so I am gifting my family and myself a minimal rush and more gush. More hugs, more love, more joy, and enjoy a  less hectic commercialism world.

I am aiming to have all wrapping and Christmas decor done by the end of November unless it’s a holiday activity like stringing popcorn, making apple butter, these are festivities that are slow and loving not expected or hectic.

January will birth a new year and because I have chosen less working on holiday frenzy and practicing the word no, I will be less stressed or at least that is my goal for the NEW YEAR: less is more in planning meaningful holidays.

I want to catch the glint in my family or strangers eyes because the magic of giving and loving is stronger in November and December and I want a front row seat of hospitality and joy and give to those who have none.

When I am too busy like the years before I am a grouchy, Grinchy person and I want to leave her behind.

Ya know that feeling when you take the holiday decor down and the holiday blues set in because it went too fast. I think it’s because we are frenzied and so busy. This way I am mixing up the ingredients of my past life for a brighter future of holidays.

Secondly, I need to give myself grace in the home more. I am frantic for independence that I over reach and become a pain wrecked mess by the end of the night. I need to learn to work smarter and sometimes harder but know when enough is enough.

Progress over perfection is such a cliche that I almost cringe to use it but for lack of better words allow me to give you an example, sometimes the floors can’t be all done in one day, one load of laundry every other day is easier than just one laundry day, the back patio swept every other day instead of everyday so that I’m not letting my home become disorderly but it isn’t always going to be everything sparkling clean although it may look that way. Having less clutter makes your home look tidy even when you haven’t done the nitty gritty chores.

Sometimes we bloggers need to heed our own advice like, adapting my adaptations and not just saying it.

This is my less is more.

Less talking about less and its benefits and more doing of what makes my heart joyful.

Two Random Tips For You

1. Inventory ( a nice way of saying dump your holiday bins out) your holiday decor, wrapping, ribbon, tape, who you will be buying for, what crafts need to be done, and then create a shopping list after the inventory is done.

I did this and realized that I only needed to buy two things, ornament hangers, and stocking hangers. An insider (reader) has let me know NOT to buy the ornament hangers at Dollar Tree because they do not hold up well, mostly if you have smaller children.

Ours are a bit flimsy now that I think of it but since I only want to put a few ornaments up, I might go and steal some ornament hangers from the other ornaments to put up the ones I do desire to display.

The insider says to buy them at Hobby Lobby, Target or Wal -Mart because they are sturdier ( thanks to another frugal minimalist and fashionable woman!)

We will either lay the stockings on the bay window or prop them up as they fill up. I will wait until after Christmas to score some sturdier ornament hangers and stocking holders on clearance.

2.  The other tip is to start a list of what you will be shopping for after Christmas but before that, if you are anything like me, very disappointed in the lack of Thanksgiving ( an American holiday) decor this year! I am not hosting or anything but I did want a little more of fall decor. I have a wreath outside and one lone faux pumpkin. I may buy or choose not to, depending on whether or not I love it.

I know Hobby Lobby hardly lacks for decor, but even they seem to be putting out more Christmas than Thanksgiving items.

The same insider who told me about the ornament hangers also let me in on a store that has great quality items for cheaper than what they retail after Thanksgiving.

I know, ssh don’t tell anyone but it is Pier 1!

Since I am anti-black Friday shopper and have plans that whole weekend ( not shopping)  the turkey and fall decor for me will have to wait until Monday but I hopped on their website today and they are having stuff already at discount prices.

What can I say, I am a frugal minimalist.

Remember to buy only what you love and have the space for, this is how less will make us happier.

Having stuff that brings us joy every time we look at it or bring it out for the holidays is a gentle reminder that your home is living space not storage space.

adult beverage breakfast celebration

A Mini Challenge

Plan one curbside pick up trip to Walmart (it is free and ya don’t have to tip, so no excuses). Give yourself peace of mind and allow yourself one pickup and feel the release of stress.

The Quote Of The Week

activity bicycle bike biker
Once you need less, you will have more. – Unknown

I know it may seem like this post is counterintuitive,  like “Geesh Melissa, do I save up on clearance stuff or do I get rid of stuff?

The real message here is be intentional  be ruthless about what you allow in your home.  PERIOD.

I have been on this journey for awhile so, I know about everything that I own but even then after all of these years still ask myself if I can be happy with my lone thrifted faux pumpkin and the answer is YES!

This year I wanted a little something more but with a minimal budget and space, I have to be careful of how and when I purchase items so I thought I would share the insider’s tips with y’all.

Knowing that I wanted a little something more for Thanksgiving this year I will buy a little something for the next year. I will wait patiently until the sale, buy and unwrap the carefully selected items next fall.

If you haven’t heard the sweet little secret, delayed gratification is the best!

I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

Please share in the comments of your plans or any insider tips you have for us! We ( the readers and I ) would love to hear from ya. 

Adapt Your Adaptations


    • What a beautiful way to start Thanksgiving. It almost makes me nostalgic for those slow childhood school breaks! Children are such a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I give you permission to do it more than once. I get it, you are more than capable but this service is not for disabled people it’s for all people. If you feel you will stay on budget and it’s too cold to get your little ones out of the car etc then by all means add value to your lives! I tried it and loved it. I don’t do it that often because I love to browse the clearance and hobby sections but yes, enjoy it Katie! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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