The March Forward

The March Forward

By Melissa Marie

Surely, six months from the stroke a person has moved forward in life eh?

By now they are back to being of full health. At least this is what most people believe.

Whether it was a small or big stroke you hit the community news then slowly but surely people get back into their busy rhythms.

I can’t say I blame them, everyone has got a life until illness or tragedy strikes and then they expect the world to stop.

In my long years of experience in the patient department, allow me to impart some wisdom.

You may have a great support system but even they get tired.

March forward with confidence.

Become your own advocate for health.

Reach into the murky waters of stay at home jobs or jobs that will allow you to work enough but not overdo it.

Find ways to cope that you didn’t know you could.

Exercise, make your own meals, clean your own home do these things with purpose on purpose.

There are now so many websites competing with free shipping in case you cannot drive you can have almost anything delivered.

Now you may not be a strong superhero on the daily, but when you can March Forward and do what you can!

Pursue your life, not the news from the doctor.

Color your own life beautiful as you deal with the symptoms before you.

I know the hope of eliminating foods, trying harsh medicines, and procedures in hopes of finding a lead can lead to hopeful adventures and sometimes it works, sadly for me no such luck.

I am a cold case file, but my hope is rekindled every season as though I collect kindling to keep a roaring fire in the midst of a snowy winter.

Keep your hope alive even when it hurts. This is the true meaning of loving yourself.

March forward, scars and all because you are alive, love your self so that you can love your life.

Oh, and keep the sparkle in your eye, sometimes the greatest things happen when we least expect it.




    • I am so sorry to hear about that:( Yeah, we think the process is going to be easy but then again as the cliche goes, ” nothing worth having ever comes easy”. I will say a prayer for him and thank you for being a loyal reader!

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      • You are most welcome, I pray for a speedier recovery so that he can get back to his “normal”. We all have different variations of what that term means to us. Thank you for the encouragement, I pray that through my infirmitries that someone else is comforted. Long ago, I was in so much pain and was scrolling through Pinterest to get my mind numbed. I came across an article of a woman with a chronic illness who loves the Lord. Her article made me cry and helped me through alot. I just can’t remember her blog name or what the article was about but I just remember her openness helped me a great deal, that is all I ever hope to do with my words. Sacrifice to write so that others will be blessed through it and it is also a great creative outlet. I will get back to my normal I just can’t do Amazon Prime Shipping on it. LOL

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