Sunrise Weekender V. 18: Glittered Recklessness

Sunrise Weekender V .18: Glittered Recklessness

By Melissa Marie



Hello my Weekenders, so glad you stopped by to read the most honest, fashionable, and invigorating read of your weekend!

This week’s issue is called Glittered Recklessness, for it talks about all things fashion and lifestyle.

So let us dive right in!

Quote Of The Week

women s yellow long sleeved dress
“When You Don’t Dress Like Everyone Else, You Don’t Have To Think Like Everybody Else.”- Iris Apfel


Two That I Learned This Week

Reckless abandonment in reaction to how others perceive you. The single most important person who perceives who you are is you.

I know I am not alone in this when you walk into a room and suddenly feel under or overdressed and already on autopilot, we began to feel odd, as though other’s judgment has filled the room about the clothing that covers our bodies.

There are two truths to that, people DO judge you by your outward appearance and number two,  you are never going to be dressed right for every occasion.

However, with that being said, only you can make yourself feel the way you want.

I strongly believe that sometimes a person can wear the oddest or outdated clothing and still captivate an audience with the radiance of their personality or how they hold their head up high with confidence. I will give you tips below on the how to!

The second thing that I learned, life is a marathon NOT a sprint, and it matters how you pace yourself.

For example, if you want that nice coat, jewelry, a job, the fit body, the financial independence etc….How you work for it is going to matter in how much effort you put into it that will determine what you get out of life.

In a marathon, you have the time to slow down, look around and enjoy your surroundings (slow living) and finish strong ( strong work ethic and leave the negativity in the dust).

It will take longer but not only will the experience be worth it, but YOU can claim that you really did do it.

Live your life with reckless abandonment falling in love with it and loving yourself.


Two Random Tips Just For You

The reckless abandonment tips for fashion and life are to forget other’s opinions and “looks” even maybe their comments. Unless someone is making you feel great about yourself, let it go. If you know there is some truth about your personality that needs working on then by all means listen and adapt with wisdom.

Too often are we bogged down by what others think of our outfit, what we have to say or how we act.

This is not permission to behave badly, but it is permission to relax, pull those shoulders back, wear that daring outfit or say something of intelligence.


Our world needs more unique people, not cookie cutters who pour over the words of people who do not matter.

My second tip for you is to clear your closet clutter of items that you feel do not give you confidence. Even if it is an outfit you keep saying you will lose the belly bulge.

Work that bulge with confidence or lose that too. That is your choice of beauty and not for other’s to decide what and when you should wear what or how much bulge shows through a blouse.

The Mini Challenge

Take care of yourself, whatever that means to YOU.

If you have any beauty or fashion advice or tips, drop a line in the comments below. I would love to hear and learn from you!♥

Happy Weekend!

Adapt Your Adaptations

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