Sunrise Weekender V. 17 For The Love Of Women

Sunrise Weekender V.20 For The Love Of Women

By Melissa Marie

Traveling this week with my husband for his marathon, I must confess I delight in people watching. Not to make fun though many are humorous, one can witness love between a couple, mixed breeds of animals that their owners go through great lengths to keep them healthy, regard them as babies in a cart, you can meet the nicest people by simply being aware of your surroundings.

With that being said, it leads into the Sunrise Weekender of writing about For The Love Of Women.

Two Things That I Learned This Week

As a self proclaimed fashioned woman, meaning one who is consistently growing, gathering, changing for the betterment of self no matter the circumstances to serve God and others above myself, I must continuously work on my character to become the woman that God wants me to be.

Putting faith aside, it means to be the best woman that we can be no matter what life throws at us.

However , being a millennial I must admit, I rarely find things in common with women my age.

Although I certainly try and there are exceptions to the rule because some of my millennial women friends are pretty stellar.

This week in particular, I took off the generational lens and began to look more at women at every age.

I observed their wardrobe, their speech, their heart, their mindset and was blown away by some great women and some I would rather not have known.

The bad apples in the basket as one may say.

But in this era that we live in one would ask, ” who am I to judge these women and put them into these subjective categories?!

They are just different, I comprehend that and understand more than I can explain, for I too am classified as different.

However, I love being a woman. I love being classic.

I enjoy the freedoms of femininity and being a wife to a man that I find to be flawed but fun.

With that being said, let’s lay down the generational gaps and say that I have been appalled and saddened by what some women my age, ten years older or even elder women in my community with their mannerisms and dress code.

For example, one woman whom we shall name Martha, whom I met in passing began to spill secrets of others that I may get to know.

It dampened my spirit because I truly want to get to know these people without a category upon them that someone may know something about them from their past.

I’m not interested in your past, I’m interested in YOU. You who have come so far in being better and changing your life around. That is what truly matters.

I know people are very human but with the help of God I will love them anyway, but her words both irritated me and made me want to escape the conversation ASAP!

Onto a woman in passing, I watched a woman my age get off at a rest area, in a beautiful car, she was beautiful as well, but as we walked behind her to go into the travel shop she was wearing yoga pants and lifted her leg and pulled out a massive wedgie from her underpants. I kid you not. I felt as if I was watching my own beloved dog lick her self in front of guests. Dogs will be dogs but from humans I expect more.

I was immediately unimpressed. I laughed at first like, “are you serious?! You couldn’t wait another thirty feet to enter into a private stall to make sure your garments were in place?”

Sadly, and ironically it is anything but funny.

Is it just me or are women beginning to blur the lines of being feminine and classy because of the times that we live in?

Why are women feeling the urge to have diarrhea of the mouth, wear clothing that is so immodest that naked is their choice of wardrobe and being rude and dismissive about their femininity?

One should know that classiness never goes out of style and we should not only take that to heart in our behavior but our speech as well.

I believe a woman can be lovely to the eye and open her mouth and ruin everything about herself.

I am not being judgmental here, neither am I saying that I am on a moral higher ground.

What I am insisting on is that no matter the year, we as women should uphold and celebrate the standard of being ladylike and our standards should be high or we will lose all femininity for our future young women and ourselves.

The second thing I learned is that changing the navigational system of your life is not giving up on your dreams.

No, but changing course is having the courage to respect the fact that you need to respect where you are and to avoid a crash find a different vision to move your life forward.

If we are stuck on one goal that every door has been slammed on us then we can either do two things; give up or change course.

I vote for changing our life’s navigation to set course for new horizons!

Quote Of The Week

The Mini Challenge

Gather yourself this harvest season. Invest in yourself, you are worth it.

Two Random Tips For You

If you find yourself lost looking for that new horizon, look no further than your heart. However, make sure that it has been cleansed first because the heart can lead us astray if we don’t ask for God to create in us a clean heart daily. He will bring clarity in the murkiness of our hearts and navigate us toward our new horizons.

Secondly, let us not forget the month of October is for breast cancer awareness. This doesn’t mean you need to donate (unless you feel led to) to find a cure but do something good for those that no longer live among us. For those that loved life and live in a better place, live life fully in their memory.

And that’s all my weekenders! Have a great weekend thank you for reading!

Adapt Your Adaptations

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