Sunrise Weekender V16 Well Off

The Sunrise Weekender V.16 Well Off

By Melissa Marie

Hi there Weekenders, so glad to have you around! I just wanted to start off this weekend by saying, I hope you are well in body and in spirit. We often take health for granted until it is gone and when we are hopeless we long for some sense of direction. Either way, we are well off if we give our troubles to Christ and take care of our bodies the best way that we know how.

With that off my heart onto the weekender shall we?

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

I am on a social media fast for the month of October and some days I miss seeing what everyone is doing, on other days, I relish the thought that I only need to focus on me and my life because I have no idea what other’s are doing.

I am getting more home stuff that I have been behind on done, I am able to help others in need by offering emotional support and just being a good friend. I only have an Instagram account that I count as social media because Youtube is a great tool to learn from others. I am on day 20 of 31 days and I think I may go longer or set up certain boundaries like Monday and Wednesday go on then off for the rest of the week. Needless to say, I am enjoying the fast.

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Secondly, I have learned to just keep my mouth shut about things that offer no help to others or when others cannot help me.

For example, I took a fall the other day and I am still hurting from it. I have told a couple of people and of course, they were concerned but there is not one thing anyone can do about it. So I am thinking of just keeping quiet. Beyond my spouse comforting me from the fall, it does not help to tell people things that they themselves can do nothing about. So, mums the word because it does not bring value to either party.

Two Random Tips For You

  1. No one is accountable for your actions, just you. Adulting is difficult sometimes but I believe self-discipline is the hardest. Whatever obstacle that is in front of you if it is in your control make self-discipline a part of your daily routine. If the situation is out of your control then take it day by day and do what needs doing. If that is too difficult then moment by moment.
  2. Keep medical records in a big binder and place dividers to keep things in order by the year. This will help physicians and you locate needed items or call doctors for missing records. I recently and most reluctantly did this for my doctors and it is so much easier while in the appointments to refer to specific notes or progress reports.

The Mini Challenge 

Be kind to your body and practice wellness. Go for a walk, do arm swirls or ab squeezes just do something that will help your muscles and bones breathe and get stronger.

Confused by diet fads? Coming from a person that has tried way too many to count then try eating simply. Try to eat little to no processed foods ( premade) and eat your vegetables as main dishes.  Think simple and you will have no problem eating a clean diet.

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Saving the special moments in our hearts rather than sharing everything is what will keep us sane and give our lives savor. – Melissa Marie

The Quote Of The Week

“In a world where everyone shows and tells everything… I value discretion and privacy.”

-Author, Sonya Teclal

I know, I write a blog about life and the middle of the muddles of it. But there is a still privacy to the things that I publish.

I agree with Sonya Teclal, what if in a world of the show and tell and the instant infamous we valued the simple and precious moments too much to share with the world and kept them close to our hearts instead.

I believe we would be much wealthier and well if know these memories are ours to keep and not share, ours to relish and remember.

We don’t need the world to give us our confidence or our identity.

“There is only one you. Fearlessly be yourself.”-Anthony Rapp

Happy Weekend:)

Adapt Your Adaptations

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