Sunrise Weekender V.15 Heart Fall

Hi there, all my windows are open in my home. My air conditioning is turned off and the tree’s are rustling. I can hear the birds chirping songs as others caw, the planes flying over, the distant roar of traffic, and the silence of my home.

My heart is in the right place and all is peaceful here on this second cooler (78 degree with humidity at 69 %) day of fall here in South/Central Texas.

It feels great to us that live here, trust me, this type of weather is getting chilly for us.

Speaking of the heart being in the right place. I hope yours is well.

If it isn’t , I pray you find some time alone with Christ and allow Him to mold it and let it fall into order right back to where your heart lives.

Just a raw, unplanned prayer with Him will help your heart be still and flourish with overflowings of all things good.

Now that you have traveled to my home this weekend, let’s chat about the week!

Quote Of The Week

Note: Courtney JosephBlog Photo -Faith from Pinterest

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

When you have been fighting battles and your heart is tired, it is easy for the enemy to see your weakness and pounce. This often comes by other people, situations or sicker days.

No matter what, try to keep praying and reading God’s Word daily so that only God knows your weakness and makes you stronger because of your willingness to openly love and serve Him.

I learned this by letting others steal my joy, I have other situations going on that I felt that the only thing left was that I had joy. Then along the week people ( not just one, hence the word people), came at me with attitudes, ignored me,  did not get back to me on things that I needed, the people I needed weren’t there for me and before this becomes a pity party I will stop.

Because the best thing happened! I remembered I was relying on the joy they were stealing from me and there was no replenishing.

Jesus is all I need, He replenishes so they can do what they will, I hope they receive the joy that they stole. I hope it changes them and their weekend is blessed by it.

It was me, I needed to be in the throne room with my only King and allowing my heart to fall back into its place rather than on my sleeve.

The second thing I learned was that with each season it is the Lord’s reminder to us to keep changing and moving.

It has been 6 whole, very long months since the stroke and the repercussions are still here. This Fall season, I am growing by walking my dog again.

I am learning to walk better without my cane. I hold it now when I feel stronger. Kind of like a baby that lets go of the ledge and walks little baby steps. I still falter sometimes and busted open my knee last week but I am determined.

By the end of Winter, I would love to be rid of the cane forever. We shall see, but no matter, I know my dog is happier to be out of the house again. 🙂

Two Random Tips For You 

First of all, I know I have to be late to the game on phone reminders!

But oh my word, they are life-changing for my medicine cycle! I must digress and say that my husband set the reminders up for me since I did not know how!

I know, I am a bit very embarrassed to admit that, but just a random tip for you not to forget things and it has a little “shown as completed” so that you can keep track of things. Total game changer for me. Who knows today medicine reminders, tomorrow finishing my degree or making some real dough on the Price Is Right Show. Ya just never know!

Second tip, maybe you already know this, but a Ninja grinder can grind coffee beans!!

I accidentally bought one bag of whole bean coffee and pondered what I could use since I do not own a food processor or spice/coffee grinder. Bam, my Ninja showed up and gave it a great grind. If you don’t have a Ninja brand blender just try a regular blender, it might just work!

Mini Challenge 

Keep things as simple as possible.

Adapt Your Adaptations

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