Using The Word “Enough” To Ruthlessly Edit Your Life

Using The Word Enough To Ruthlessly Edit Your Life

By Melissa Marie

Not long ago, when my parents would gently or firmly say the word enough, it meant that my siblings and I better stop immediately what we were doing. Whether we were clowning around with one another or helping out. It meant to stop.

How often do we just stop? We hear the terms of hustle and bustle, go, grind, keep going, don’t give up, busy, stressed, overtime, and work.
When was the last time that we just stopped?

When was the last time we disciplined ourselves and stopped looking down at the phone paused the podcast, ignored the text message, email, or phone call and just took a break?

To just stop the grind, and refocus or just listen.
Listen to the birds, the cars, the wind.

Look around at your surroundings. Do you see the little children’s laughter or which song is on the radio at the coffee shop. The people that you see, what are they doing? Can you offer a smile, or eye contact when you speak to them?

animal avian beak birds

I am currently out on the patio and looking at the leaves here in South Texas and because I just stopped to look, I realize that the leaves that are on the ground are finally yellow and the tree is making a mess getting ready for the new season of bearing no leaves.

There is a gentle breeze upon my chili plants and these are the slightest references that we may miss that the season is changing to fall, or sadly, we are missing life because we aren’t navigating it with a watchful, steady eye.

Writing to you from my patio.

I know, this website is about adapting your adaptations and changing your life for the better.

Pushing you forward and screaming for you to just GO!

I know it sounds as though I am being counterintuitive by saying STOP!

However, trust me ( I know usually when a stranger says this I run), but sometimes just stopping where you are and being mindful of the sights, sounds, and a feeling is enough to turn around your day and possibly life.

Using the word Enough!, to edit your life ruthlessly is to take a very deep breath and focus on the priority of that very moment.


Enough in Action

What is not working? This question will help you get to the edited Enough! word.


Here is a list of mine mixed in with a bit of conversation.

Chronic Illness-Treatment Plan- I am not happy how my professional doctor team is bickering amongst one another how to treat me. They almost made me give up on everything. Almost. But I did not, because thankfully my help-mate stepped in and helped me refocus. Thank the Lord for GREAT Husbands. I am still here writing and properly medicated for my disease, so no worries there.

Diet: I have tried so many diets in 16 years of illness I am tired of trying and just want to cling to the hem of the garment of Jesus. That’s it. Let me fall in love with His Word, His presence and His Love until He calls me home.

accessory bobbin close up clothing
The hem of right where I want to be. Just leave me there.

MarriageCouple Time With My Husband – He works a lot as we work hard to become financially independent so time is literally of the essence.

So maybe,  undivided attention time every day it does not have to be hours but just good, quality time focused on one another like 10-20 min. That is just enough. The outside voices want you to take a weekend away all the time, do date night every week, snuggle and Instagram how great you both are.

No, we are calling Enough! and being content with the precious time that we have been given. Going after our goals, making everything about quality and not quantity. A cliche so overused that I wonder if any stop and actually practise the quality part.

Quiet Time without music

Just alone time with Jesus and myself to meditate on Him.

I know how ironic, we don’t have children in the house but we do own electronics, listen to podcasts, music, talk on the on the phone, snap chat, etc. These are distractions that take up mindfulness and before you know it you feel tired, stressed and have no gumption to do anything.

Your brain has been fried from the interactions on your electronics, work demands, parent demands etc…

When was the last time you said Enough! to the loudness of the news, social media, blogs ( yes, this one included) and just put your mind on Jesus?

A quiet mind to hear the rustle of the tree’s as they praise their maker. A mind at peace because we said Enough!, stopped everything and said, “Lord just you and me.”


2 Corinthians 10:5 “…bringing into captivity  every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

If you are not a Christian then how about putting your mind on positive things like gratitude, that one alone will take you from frantic to peaceful.



Whether you work outside the home or are a homemaker or both when have you stopped to review your methods of why you do what you do?

I slept in until 7 am this morning knowing my husband needed breakfast and a take-a-long lunch, he leaves at 7:40.  I was irritated with myself because it threw me into a tizzy of fast breakfast, fast lunch, fast hug, and a kiss and he was out the door.

I like quiet mornings.

My methods are way off. My day has been harried. When I sat in my reading chair, I asked myself, when is it enough?

When my mornings are harried, I must confess and coffee has not touched my lips yet, I am not the jolliest person.

I love mornings but I despise rushed ones.

Therefore, I say enough to hitting the snooze button.

Decorating my home for the seasons ( fall) – I will change the decor on my wreath and put my faux pumpkin out. That is my enough.

So, as a reminder to myself, with my long- to-do list waiting for me to finish writing, I calm the anxiety of the world with the Word.

person holding green vegetable
Proverbs 16:3 “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”


 Ruthlessly Editing Your Life For Enough!

What are your thoughts right at this moment?

Are they focused on the planner with the cute memo pad reminding you not to forget things?

Are you needing a moment to walk away and just breathe?

I encourage you to look where you could gently or firmly use the word Enough!

Now, in my tone of writing sometimes it can be quite directive ( because most often I am writing to myself as I write to you, my friend) but this time, I want you to breathe and whisper to your self, even nod your head and say, ” That looks good, or that is just enough.” Then go ahead and let it be enough.

Let me cover a few that most of us deal with…

Home Decor: Oh it is so shiny and new and it will provoke you to buy new or used every time!


Make something from what you have.

If you must buy that something then let go of something you used to love.

Declutter your holiday bins and go with just a little less this year.

Maybe decorate one room or section for each season and leave it at that

( except in my case, my husband is crazy about Christmas and I love that. I am going to try to see if we can just do lights and only the five most loved ornaments this year on the tree. I already know that outside lights are non-negotiable for him and I enjoy them so it adds value to our lives in bringing light to our new memories).

Ask yourself what you are aiming for, cozy, minimal, loving, comfortable and accessorize according to that all the while asking yourself, is this enough?

The Hustle 

Maybe it is the overtime that you need to hit your next financial goal but if you are doing over time without a budget, then how will you know how your goal is coming along?

If you are hustling…what is it for?

Enough! When it comes to working a lot needs to be a balance of when you get home, be home. 

Now if you have a side hustle or need to power through even at night ( we American’s don’t know how to relax sometimes) then make sure you carve out time to have enough time with your family and for yourself.

Even if it is just 2 hours a night, that adds to 14 hours of quality time with your family and focusing on yourself.

Social Media

Social media is not a terrible thing when you use it as a tool. However, it will get you mindlessly scrolling and before you know it an hour or so has passed!

Have times when you know you want to get stuff done, or just stop. Then just stop.

This past week I just stopped reading my email. I will begin again, but I just needed a moment to firmly say Enough!

Now, when I get back on, I will be unsubscribing to a lot of people’s blogs that no longer serve a purpose in my life.

It is not anything personal, they served the need I had and I grew from it. I am truly grateful and now I am ready to move on.

I try to not bombard Y’all with posts either. Sometimes my health does not permit me to write, but even then I know Y’all are just fine because giving you less allows you to absorb my last writing and to take action about the subject.

Where do you go overboard? What makes you want to scream because it is just too much?

I have heard it a lot on Youtube and blogs, if you don’t feel inspired by a writer or a creator anymore, click UNSUBSCRIBE.

You need value and inspiration in your life, not the overwhelming clutter of writers and video voices of television or youtube.

I challenge you for the rest of the year to ask yourself when is enough, enough?

Find your boundaries, work on creating a life that you don’t need a break from.

Be ruthless, it is YOUR life after all.

Until next time, may God be with you!

Adapt Your Adaptations 



  1. I really appreciate your refreshing posts! I know what you mean about spending a lot of time on social media…it can consume hours and hours a day. I’ve been asked why I don’t have a Facebook but really it’s because I would rather get to the know someone better in person than through a computer…but that’s just me.


  2. I love these lines!! Using the word Enough!, to edit your life ruthlessly is to take a very deep breath and focus on the priority of that very moment. I am tired of trying and just want to cling to the hem of the garment of Jesus. The hem of right where I want to be. Just leave me there.

    On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 10:50 AM The Fashioned Woman wrote:

    > TheFashionedWoman posted: “Using The Word Enough To Ruthlessly Edit Your > Life By Melissa Marie Not long ago, when my parents would gently or firmly > say the word enough, it meant that my siblings and I better stop > immediately what we were doing. Whether we were clowning around wit” >

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