Sunrise Weekender V. 14 Slow Living

Hello, Weekenders! I hope you have a slow weekend planned and if you don’t, I pray you for you to find some courage to create a crevice of space of your time to slow down. There is no way to emphasize the word slow in typing like a slow-motion video, but if I could the word would look like s-l-o-w if you could picture that in your mind.

So, the first weekend of October is here!

October is a time to celebrate the Harvest. If you aren’t homesteading, gardening or a farmer you can still celebrate because of farms, we celebrate the produce and products that line the shelves of our grocery stores. We are truly blessed.

I do try to avoid the grocery store during the weekend since it seems as though it is a madhouse of people on the brink of starvation at least they behave in that manner where I live.

But since I have yet to get permission to drive, I must join the madhouse to line my pantry with goods for my family.

I must keep “the celebration of harvest” in my heart as I create patience for the grocery store customers today.

Anyway, if you are a homesteader, gardener or farmer, I hope you feel good in the outcome of your harvest of labor.

Now, unto more traditional things:)

Two Things That I Learned This Week

1. Clutter asks for company.

It began as a small pile upon my desk as deferred decisions otherwise known as, things that need to be dealt with but not right now.

However, Monday quickly turned into Friday and instead of the deferred decision pile becoming smaller, it overtook my desk like a monster.

It had, the monster was me not feeling well and everything that was important made it to the desk but not neatly. Now, I have Mount Everest awaiting me to climb and conquer.

Lesson learned: deal with decisions immediately or learn to have discipline enough to deal with the deferred pile daily until it no longer exists.

2. Don’t put so much trust into another’s opinion no matter their education level or emotional attachment, think for yourself and ask God for wisdom.

Sadly, this has been a couple of weeks in the cauldron of lessons learned but only this week has clarity began to dawn on me.

If you put a person in high regard, remember they are human.

Don’t put others on a pedestal because they did not ask to be there, we put them there and they will fail us.

The boiling waters have simmered and cooled but it still hurts my heart that this was the hardest lesson for me to learn and I have this odd feeling it is one of many to learn as I grow older.

Quote Of The Week

It is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.”

-Ezra Taft Benson

Two Random Tips For You

1. Be kind, be frugal, be fun, repeat.

2. Three things that are sorely missed when they are gone, people, money, and health. Wisely take care of these things.

A Mini-ish Challenge

Have a Social Media Detox until Monday. I dare you.

No YouTube unless you need to know how to do something, no Instagram or Facebook unless you are actively selling stuff. No twitter. I don’t consider Pinterest a social media outlet or Snapchat because I only talk to my family on Snapchat and on Pinterest I only read 🙂

You have to figure out your points on what you spend the most time on.

If you’re up for a huge challenge do it without substituting your time for television! Good luck 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Adapt Your Adaptations


    • Awe well thank you Katie! I appreciate it 🙂 I am trying to get better at keeping them up weekly but I hope they are a treat however random they are 🙂


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