Create YOUR Financial Independence In An Unconventional Way

Create YOUR Financial Independence In An Unconventional Way

By Melissa Marie


I was on the phone with a kind soul who happened to be a Life Insurance agent that kindly squeezed me in for some business on an early Monday morning. Within 10 minutes, I was offered a guaranteed life insurance policy for $40.00 per month for $5,000 U.S. Dollars and there might be a year hold just in case I were to be called Home ( heaven) then they for sure would not pay out anything to my dear husband!

I spoke with a bigger firm that would not touch my case because of the “details” in my medical records that made me risky to insure. Blah Blah Blah.

I have been trying for 3 years and I am dun. done. That is it.

So if you are like me and cannot work outside the home what are we to do?

Firstly, I must not assume everyone has their finances in order so let me go over some basics from my favorite mentor Dave Ramsey.

Uncle Dave calls them the Baby Steps, he has become an Uncle around here because when we were getting out of debt, I being the reformed shopaholic nerd would say, “Well Dave says,”  and then heated discussions followed. So, Uncle is safe grounds for a thorough conversation.

  1. Save 1,000 in an emergency fund
  2. Pay off all debt using the debt snowball ( smallest to largest) Note: Make it a goal to never want or need to use a credit card in your life again so cut them up!
  3. Save 3-6 months of expenses then there is a hidden Baby Step called Baby Step 3b. This is where you save up for a home in cash or 20 percent down on a mortgage. 
  4. Invest 15 percent of your household income into Retirement ( Roth IRAs or a Pre-Tax Retirement) 
  5. College Funding For Children
  6. Pay Off Home Early
  7. Build Wealth and Give!

Okay, so you can be on many steps after Baby Step 3.

For example, you can be on number’s 4-7 simultaneously. Every home and budget is different.

We live a debt-free life and follow the plan, but one thing Uncle Dave does not cover is life insurance for the people that cannot get it. What then?

nature person girl forest
Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you, ask and ye shall receive. Matt 7:7



So after years of searching my brain began to think like a minority.

The majority of people will complain and rant against the insurance companies, they will rant against the government etcetera.

But then it hit me, why not invest my own premium payments into companies, stocks, and the market?

Create your own nest egg for your loved one!


BAM! There it is! I researched for hours ( you should too, should you want to do it ) for the company that you feel comfortable with.

Talk with your spouse on how much per month or what percentage you will put into the self-insured nest.

Then add your spouse as a joint owner so when you pass you he/she will have complete ownership to liquidate and have money for your end of life expenses or just take a little out and keep investing.

Mind you, this is not to get rich but it sure beats saving money and have it sitting in the bank and only having less than 2% growth rate a year!

This is me and my workspace most of the time, it moves from the couch to my favorite char, to my office and then, of course, the bed. Wherever is most comfortable is where I go to work for you!

My frugal life as I hustle to write to you from an old free recliner from a friend. 

This nest that I am creating is my love money to my husband to say thank you for taking care of me.

Now, we do have our investments for wealth building but this article is about self-insuring and giving you the confidence to do the same.

There should not be anyone left without a dime just because by some life hurdle you are left handicapped or uninsurable.

It is just plain wrong.

So, I offer us an alternative since we are already living frugally, invest the life insurance money into a nest egg.

Life is already a risk so instead of being penniless, let’s try to leave a legacy to our families.

Getting YOUR Finances In Order

If you are lost on where to start to gather your finances and get them in order, I suggest reading The Total Money Makeover or take Uncle Dave’s  Financial Peace University course.

You can even get the dvd’s or the cd’s for your car. There are no excuses for not having peace in your finances. I am not sponsored or paid in any way by any of this information the course and book just changed our lives.

We went from living paycheck to paycheck to having peace in knowing there is extra flow and all is in order.

Love is worth investing in.

You can also do the frugal thing and get his book at the local library as well!

You are welcome! 🙂


I believe the missing puzzle piece is that we who cannot work or are uninsurable, or need more money, or need side hustles or job replacements or more for retirement can pursue and create a life that flows with currency if we think out of the box.

Step one to thinking outside the box is to pursue your passions. Do what scares you. Investing scares me but I have been reading and researching for three whole years.

Now it is time to do. How about you?

What is it that you need to just do? Let us create a group of creator’s that don’t need handouts we GIVE handouts.


Adapt Your Adaptations

Disclaimer: I cannot ensure that you will make any money investing or that it is not risky. Follow and do at your own risk. 

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