Sunrise Weekender V.13 The Good Life

Happy Weekend! I know to those that work Monday through Friday Y’all are so happy, for those of us that work from home we are just happy and keep working. Haha no really though, being a homemaker is never done so none of us are really off unless you observe Sunday ( we do) but something about Friday through Sunday does put a bit of expectancy in the air. I officially will change my summer Americana themed wreath on the door to fall!

I always wait until September 1 to do so. How about you, when do you start decorating for fall? Don’t worry, I will ask again at the end so ya won’t forget to comment! πŸ™‚ So, onto the Sunrise Weekender!

Two Things I Learned This Week

1. Chronic Illness: I can either obsess and be bitter over this sickness that prohibits 95 percent of me doing my life or I can be refined through the process of the burning that feels like I am dying in the process of changing my life. I know God goes before me and he is behind me, so I am not afraid.

2. Family: Calling my parents is the best! They have become my lifeline and best friends! Sometimes we don’t always agree, but we love each other anyway.

Our parents will not be alive forever call and visit them!

man and woman hugging while man kissing woman s head
There Is Nothing On Earth Like The Love Of A Parent

Two Random Tips For You

  1. If you have a Safeway, Randalls or a sister store. Buy their Signature Select coffee. It beats Peets, Starbucks, and any other brand. I get the French Roast and have been drinking that brand for years. When it goes on sale stock up and use their member rewards ( its free) and you will have expensive tasting coffee on a low budget ($3-6 lb).


2. If you are wondering if you are overloaded on your calendar just cancel stuff. Your sanity and stress level is not worth your health deteriorating.

Now if your calendar is empty go for something spontaneous. Even if you’re unsure how you will feel about this event, try something new!

The Quote Of The Week

Everyday May Not Be Good But There Is Something Good Everyday -Unknown


Your Mini Challenge

Declutter, donate, don’t even sell it. Find a great charity shop and donate. It will help you feel generous and that kind of generosity is contagious if you tell your friends and it will make you feel great πŸ‘πŸ»!

Have a wonderful weekend! Reminder: When do you start decorating for fall? Do you just do one room, the yard or bits here and there around the home?

Adapt Your Adaptations!



  1. I love your mini challenge for today. I think there are some bags of clothes in my closet I’ve been hanging onto for years that can go in the donation pile! πŸ™‚ Hmmmm…I think I start decorating for fall about the time the first freeze comes in and I start pulling out my cozy sweaters and boots to keep warm. Totally agree about overloading the calendar…there is something to just relaxing and resting and refreshing ourselves!!

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    • Yeah girl, let it go so that you can actually see your closet as a nice boutique:) Oh goodness here in South Central I can feel the coolness changing from muggy to a sligh cool wind. Tomorrow is the day the fall colors come out but the short sleeves and sandals stay! Lol I am glad you enjoyed the Sunrise Weekender!

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