3 Frugal Tips That Actually Help Me Save $

Hi there, who does not love saving money? But remember you aren’t actually saving until you use that extra dough that you “saved” and put it into your nest 🥚 egg! Now, for those of you just trying to stretch the budget these tips are good for that too!

Ready?! Let’s roll.

  1.  Once a week or so only shop for clearance items, from groceries, gifts, toys, cosmetics etc. Know your pantry and stockpile and stock up on what you need or want.

    black calendar close up composition
    Once a week or when you grocery shop always browse the clearance that are usually on the end caps of the isle.
  2.  Do not be a hoarder. I repeat, do not be a hoarder! You will not be able to know what is in your pantry or gift or whatever stockpile and overbuy therefore wasting money. Not only is hoarding an UNhealthy thing to do but it costs you your peace of mind and you could have used that extra money for next weeks trip. When you do find a great deal stock up but don’t go too crazy. For example, I found large jars of Pace picante salsa for .94 from $2.89!! Wha?! I know, there was like 20 jars and I was so tempted to CLEAR that end cap but then I thought of my pantry. First off, if I buy 20 jars of Pace Picante salsa would I still love it or hate it from eating so much of it? The expiration date is 2020 so I had every right to overindulge but was like nah, I will leave room in my pantry for the stuff I will find on clearance next week. This is where my minimalist mind clicks into gear. 🙂
    apartment blinds cabinets chairs
    Minimal space for things that are really important like making your pantry full but not your counters! 😉

    3. If your store has an app for coupons like Target or whatever grocery store. I shop then at the end find an empty isle (the pet isles always empty for me) and go over my cart looking for a coupon on the app that I can use. It never hurts and saves me extra 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these 3 tips! Now go get your bargains but here is a bonus tip, don’t get overwhelmed over saving the pennies.

Be wise with your time and if you missed the .50 cent coupon you can get it next time. Don’t fret over it! Honestly, the stress over a few cents isn’t not worth it!

  • Adapt Your Adaptations!


  1. That would be me to buy the 20 jars of salsa on clearance and then get home and be like, “why did I buy all of these? I’m going to be eating salsa every day this year!” I am having to remind myself now to not buy it just because it is on clearance, but because I need it!

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    • Hahaha yes it helps to know how you will use up the food you store! I’m throwing a birthday bash in October and will do some salsa and chips, I love to eat salsa and chips for lunch, and the rest I will makeand add the salsa in sausage and egg breakfast burritos and possibly freeze in batches:)


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