Sunrise Weekender V.13 The Creators and Thinkers


The Quote Of The Week

road nature trees branches

Dear Old World, You Are Lovely And I am Glad To Be Alive In You.- Anne Shirley

Your Mini Challenge

Create in some way that sparks your imagination.

If you are an analytical thinker think of a possibility of a business idea, non-profit project et cetera and how it can be executed to fruition.

If you are a creator, create with what you have by thinking outside the box or go to the craft store and get inspired for your next creation.

You have one life to live, craft it well.

Two Random Tips For You

1.Throw a swap party! Free stuff all around and then donate to your charity of choice.

It’s  fun way to get together and have no pressure of sticking to a budget!

2. Life is not about us, it is about others . Live it that way and you willl find you see things and do your life  whole a lot different.


Two Things That I Have Learned This Week 


1.Things don’t make me happy, people do. A hearty laugh, a deep hug and a kiss from the one you love or a family member/friend. Yeah, that is what makes me truly happy. Not a text but to hear their voice on the phone. I am a bit old fashioned which makes me fashionable, but I still can’t get over how we can be anywhere in the world and connect by phone or Internet.

It truly astoudunds me and I am a millennial!! I think people assume we are supposed to know how these things work, but most of us don’t get the technicality of it, I least I do not.


2.Simple foods make make me happier than gourmet food. There I said it. There is something to be said about gourmet food and it has its place of pleasure on my palate but for happiness, bring me some good old fashioned home cooking.

From spaghetti, enchiladas, burritos, hamburgers and fresh potato wedges,mmmhmm,  I am going to stop right there. Ecuador because writing about it is making me hungry!

I enjoy gourmet food in moderation and consider it to be a treat!

Well, I hope you are having a wonderful  ending to your summer break and that you are enjoying the harvest that has already started!!

Have a great weekend!

Let me know a random tip that you would like to share with me !


Adapt Your Adaptations



  1. I, too, like the simple things. They are the best things, they are usually readily available and don’t cost an arm and a leg to enjoy them. When we can enjoy the simple things, we can always find joy around us! Love the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, somehow simplicity has this complex way of telling us that things are truly simple if we just slow down and enjoy where we are and what we are doing! Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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