Sunrise Weekender V.12 Summer Drinks and Chocolate

Come along my friend, it has been a whole week since we have last chatted!! I am so going to make this version of water pictured above. I have the mint growing fresh in my garden and some fresh strawberries from the market. They are not local strawberries from Texas but they are from California…hey at least it is local technically it is still in the USA. HA.

Now, I know the stores are in a frenzy for back to school but here we shall just continue to celebrate summer until at least September or August 20th. We shall see. I hope you are doing very well and let’s get into the good stuff!

♥Two Things I Learned This Week

  1. Having friends can be expensive. Lol Now, if you have been here awhile you will know that we are pretty fashionably frugal around here. Grant it, that does not mean we are cheap by no means! Since I have not been able to leave the home ( doctor’s orders not to drive )I have had to order online a lot!

Therefore, I am not seeing the endcap clearance deals at Target or the clearance deals at Wally world ( Wal-Mart). Nope, so I spent a good whopping amount on stuff. Now, I love my friends and in their defense, they would never expect me to pay what I did BUT prices are going up these days for the most simple items. I am in the wrong business, this writing gig does not pay much, I need to be creating toys! Who am I kidding I do not get paid to write! I am still reeling with sticker price shock. I am so used to buying used I guess.

In the end, though I did order one thing on sale for my niece for Christmas so that was a win.

I am ashamed to say that as I write this paragraph I dare not admit how much chocolate I just consumed to get my blood pressure down!


My real medicine for high blood pressure. It is all mental as these are a stash of dark chocolate chips that hang out with me when I write.


2. The second thing I learned is what I already knew but it really blows my mind every time, but it is the power of prayer. I don’t mean softly praying, I am talking loud, cries out to the Lord. Now, I know you can talk to Jesus quietly but there is something that just breaks bonds and His presence enters the room and your world is alright again. Maybe it is my southern pentecostal roots but we are a loud bunch ( no snakes, no weird religions, no killing etc). Just old time quaker style folk.  I have had a lot of loud cries to the Lord this week and his peace pacifies my soul like no human ever could.


♥Two Random Tips For You

  1. Look up some Youtube videos on how to shop for frugal gifts for Christmas! We are less than 4 months away. Figure out the kind of Christmas you want to have this year, is it minimal, does it have more activities or less, big tree or no tree, real tree or fake tree. et cetera. Whose hosting Christmas? Will you make healthy treats or combine the all the sugary kind? Now is the time to start planning!

For us, I believe I will discuss with my dear Hubs if he wants to go all out on the lights outside why not skip the tree this year and decorate our home with the gifts. It’s a good thought.

2. Inventory your home. Look what needs to be decluttered or tossed. Check your pantry and your gift inventory. Start preparing for things like canned pumpkin ( ours never went on sale, just out of stock), or upcoming birthdays and of course it ties into Christmas. This year I want to end my gifts with frugality, good items, and thoughtful, not so cheap gifts.


♥The Quote Of The Week

person jumping photo
She Sets Her Mind On Things Above Not On Earthly Things. Colossians 3:2



♥The Mini Challenge

Buy a new fruit that you have never tried at the supermarket or the farmer’s market! Hopefully, it is yummy!



How about you? I would love to hear how your summer is going and if you have any random tips for me!

Have a blessed weekend!

Adapt Your Adaptations


  1. My summer is going great but flying by way too fast!!! I am looking forward to the cooler weather but I also love the fun of summertime! Great tip to start planning for Christmas! It is crazy to think Christmas is only 5 months away. Haha about Wally World…my family calls Walmart that, too. And I agree, when I buy used I always take a deep breath when I hear the price of a brand new item…prices have gone up. Have a great weekend! I love the Sunrise Weekenders!!

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    • I am glad to hear that your summer has been so amazing! Yes, Christmas creep is what I like to call it. LOL. Now is the time to hit up Wally World fro clearance toys for needy children at Christmas as well! Thank you, I enjoy writing them to y’all!

      Liked by 1 person

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