Sunrise Weekender V.11: Summer’s Call

Sunrise Weekender V.1: Summer’s Call

By Melissa Marie

I can hear the sound of the locusts upon the barks and limbs of my old tree’s. Every day they await until they release from their old skins and fly again. Now, I know that locusts can harm humans by damaging our crops and leaving us to starve to death but for some reason, the sound of their unique call summons me to the outdoors to enjoy the hot and lazy summers.

Who knows, I might even buy some green tomatoes and fry them up. Something to do in this hot Texas heat that beckons some indoors, but for me, nature calls me out. I like the way the heat can slow your motions and demand that you take slow breaths because of the humidity. It is truly a season of life to be appreciated.

So it is with the sound of the locusts that I hear that I write you this weekend journal. Oh, and of course to the sound of the blessed air conditioning.

Two Random Tips For You

If you garden, buy a proper sun hat and gloves. You can wear this to farmers markets, family outings etc. I have yet to buy mine and I know I surely need it.

Proper gear from the sun for protecting your skin from skin cancer can also help with stopping the sun to actually deepen the set of acne scars and causing further skin damage.

If you keep a minimal clutter-free home, consider having a basket, drawer or box for seasonal things that will cheer you up.

For example, in my basket, I keep some faux flowers to change on my year-round willow wreath, a banner for Easter, some candle scents for seasonal change etc.

Just a small place for you to keep clutter down but still welcome each season.

Now Christmas in this home is another matter. We love Christmas, 4th of July, Easter and New Years. But Christmas gets the most decorated so I would safely say we have three boxes in the attic which is more than enough but my husband disagrees, he loves to do more and more every year. We are a work in progress.

brown pinecone on white rectangular board

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

Friendship Tip: Just touching bases with your loved ones informs them that they are loved. Give them a call or shoot them a text to check in on how they are doing.

Even if they answer with the generic,” I am fine”  let them you are sending your love. Life is too short not to check in. I have learned that some communication is better than none.

Homemakers Tip: Our homes are going to get messy, we live in them. However, this does not give an excuse for a messy home all day.

I have learned that people hide behind “Lord, give me grace my house is a mess.” He will, but he also gave us the tenacity to clean our homes consistently and have the family pitch in.

We all live together, therefore, we all clean together.

I am learning to not let things go and turn into a mess but trying to tackle what I can do and this keeps my home tidy. Not perfect but also not messy. A place of refuge should be tidy.

The Quote Of The Week

people barbecuing skewered meats
Make Every Moment Count And Let Your Laughter Be Heard


The Mini Challenge

Do something out of the ordinary this weekend. It can small or it can be little but push yourself to do something that clashes with your personality to explore new things.

Happy Weekend! May You Be Blessed!♥♥


  1. I love your weekend journals and each of your tips. Being a Texas gal too I understand about the heat. There is something about the outside that calls you out in the summer! You have a great weekend, Melissa!!


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