Becoming The Aggressor In The Captivity Of Disease

Becoming The Aggressor In The Captivity Of Disease 

By Melissa Marie


There are two roles in which one may play in the role of a diagnosis, the victim or the aggressor.

At one time or another, the mind can flip between the two but we must choose one to be dominant.

The Victim

The victim is one who will embrace the disease and await the horrible degeneration of what is to come. This choice will lead one to hide behind closed doors in fear of what other’s will say, do, or think.

This choice is deadly.

The victim is prey to the disease or dysfunction of the body.

It says, ” I am coming for you and will overtake you in the deadliest of ways. Run and hide.”

Or It can be less ominous and say, ” It is okay to wither and withdrawal. After all, no one can blame you because it hurts.”

The reason this choice is deadly is that until a miracle happens ( unless you have no faith), a scientific cure or death takes you, your chances of having a smooth life are almost non-existent.

Being a victim of circumstance is not what you desired out of life. No one chooses what life will deliver to their doorstep, but the choice that we do have is the power of who we will be.

Yes, the disease hurts. Yes, it is coming to break down the cells in the body and lead to dependence on pharmaceutical drugs or caretakers. Yes, fighting the disease makes us weak and tired.

Yes, you may try every diet that promises a cure.

Yes, the symptoms are ridiculous and why can’t a criminal who murdered or debilitated an innocent life suffer from this disease rather than you?

This is how the mind works when one is at war with the body.

It is a dark, depressing and low place.

We are prisoners of war within our own DNA.

The human mind will turn on survival mode.

This is your survival mode choice, victim or aggressor this is your perspective but if you choose to be the victim in your mentality here are a few of the “perks” that will come with it.

Your hope-gone.

Your fight and aggression for life-gone.

Your sense of independence-gone

Your sense of humor-gone.

The sparkle in your eye-gone.

The laughter from your gut-gone.

The victim mentality will speak so loudly that you will be miserable until your death or a long life of misery.

It does not matter how much money you have or where you live. A disease is no respecter of persons and everyone has the choice to pick which side to be on in the case against it.

The Aggressor 

The Aggressor: A person that attacks another first  ( adaptation from

The aggressor is the fighter.

This choice is the difference in the quality of life from victim to victor.

The aggressor says, ” I am not watching my back, I already see you coming. I am in the position to fight.”

The more victorious version, ” I will not go down without a fight, I see you. I am not afraid. You will not dictate my life. I may fall but rise again. I will not under any circumstances run and hide. ”

The aggressor mentality will give you a confidence that will allow you to hold your head up high, shoulders back and chest out.

This stance enhances your confidence enough to push you forward.

By choosing the aggressor mentality the “perks” are limitless, but here are a few.

Clear choice making.

Happier countenance upon your face.

A glint in your eye.

Zest for life.

Make the best of things.

Bring hope to others.

Give of yourself to others.

Create a life worth living to the point when you take your last breath there will be a smile with it.

You will take the hardest trials and find some silver lining, this alone is a superhero trait.

You will be able to see how your body reacts to certain activities rather than just choosing not to do something just in case something bad happens.

You will have your sense of humor intact and your gut-laugh reaction singing its melody.

You will be able to absorb testing, trials, new medications and rough days easier knowing you are the one fighting for life.

The list keeps going but I will let you write your own.

The Captivity Of Disease

Disease, diagnosis or whatever has come your way has made you captive.

We do not know what the future holds but what we do know is the now! Move, NOW! CHOOSE NOW!

Disease or not, this is still your life story. Captive or not you choose which you will be, bound as the victim or the feared aggressor of your beautiful story.

Choose life when life is beating the heck out of you.

Choose laughter when it hurts.

Choose to be aggressive against the violence of disease.

In this battle are many, and there is no room for cowards in a battle.

To win, we must fight and fight we shall.

The victor is the one who leaves this earth a better place than the way they found it.

Let the aggressor have the reward of having done all to pivot and fight, find the breath to start again day after day.


Adapt Your Adaptations





    • I am so happy you enjoyed reading it even though you don’t suffer with an illness. You are right, it can pertain to life as well. I will be writing some content in the future that will not be about illness but this subject has been heavy on my heart. I am sure you understand as a fellow writer 🙂

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