Sunrise Weekender V.10 The Weekly Quirky Journal

The Sunrise Weekender is a journal just for your enjoyment. Inside you will find pieces of my heart that fell off of my sleeve, a genuine hello and if you could sit at my table a nice refreshing beverage awaiting you. So welcome to my online home, I am glad you could make it to our weekend chat.

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

Procrastination is a lack of discipline. Discipline comes from within thus, often termed self-discipline. If we long to have things turned into action we must propel ourselves forward crushing procrastination and producing results. This has been working with every area of my life but it never occurred to me that procrastination is NOT a permanent character flaw.

I know it seems obvious, but many times I have heard others laugh and say, ” I am a huge procrastinator, It’s who I am. It is okay though, I work better under pressure. ”

First of all, my hand is raised because I am guilty of this as well. Secondly, procrastination is not something to be proud of because it not only reveals deep flaws in our character as laziness, but it could hurt others involved that are committed to doing their part. The other reason why procrastination is wrong is that it causes undue stress for us to get the job, errand, or project done. Stress is never good.

I have had to use store wheelchairs from time to time depending on how bad my episodes are. I look healthy, except for the nervous system trembling and people give me the meanest, disgusting looks.

It was hard today as I shopped with my family but on the bright side, there were some very nice courteous people that moved out of the way, let me by or offered to grab something for me. I will focus on the nice folks because they definitely make my world go round. I need  a t-shirt that says,”Disabled on the inside, I would trade my body for yours any day.”

Two Random Tips For You

Frugal and Healthy Tip: I learned this one from Money Smart Family is to wash all of your produce with  1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water. This will clean all of the bacteria off of your produce and make it last longer.


Beauty Tip: I know that the lotion isle can be a bit overwhelming so I will let you in on my favorite. It is a bit pricey at $10.89 US Dollars for body lotion BUT it is amazing. a little bit goes far and it is never greasy. It is Cetaphil, recommended by dermatologists and works amazing, I am not sponsored just wanted to help you out!

Quote Of The Week 

2 Timothy 1:7 King James Version (KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind


A Mini Challenge

If you know of someone that is struggling, show up with a hot meal and a hug. All you have to say is, “you are not alone in this storm”.

If it is a new baby, let them know you are so happy for them and know they are tired so you made them a meal. Somehow, food and a smile with a few words of comfort go a lot further than just a phone call.

May Your Weekend Be Blessed!


Adapt Your Adaptation


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