Sunrise Weekender V9: The Weekly Quirky Journal

Espresso for two, please! Join me with your java, tea or water and settle in for your weekly quirky journal! I hope you enjoy it!

Quote Of The Week

“She Who Kneels Before God Can Stand Before Anyone. ” Romans 8:39

Me, braving the underground caverns. The quote also pertains to conquering your own fears because God goes before you! Sorry, it is so dark, I am underground here. 


Two Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Working on your goals and balancing the enjoyment of life is a hard combination. I am currently reading a book to help me with this, The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J Stanley Ph.D.

2. I am a clutter-free type of person but lately have realized that family photos in frames make me really happy.

I am slowly buying more photo frames to add to my home. I love being surrounded and seeing those that I love each day. I just have to be careful to keep it to a minimum.

Two Random Tips For You

Ethical and Frugal Tip: Skip buying on a Sunday.

This will help suppliers pay more ethical wages to workers that make the items we buy that is if everyone started putting a ban on spending money on Sundays for shopping that will be a big a pay cut for big businesses to pay attention to the ban.

Spread that message, I heard it on a podcast but I cannot recall the name of who started that idea,  but I like it. I might write a post about ethical buying… I want to get there. Goals!

Fashionable Upcycle Tip:  Put your earbuds into an old Altoids tin box for your purse. 

You can even cover the top by gluing fabric to the lid. I hate when my earbuds get tangled into my purse. To keep them nice and organized I put them in an Altoids box!



Mini Challenge

Find a quiet place for 15 minutes this weekend to just be alone and breathe. Gather your thoughts and breathe. This will help your heart health, high blood pressure and your sanity. I am not a doctor but it is common sense that a little bit of quiet from chaos and deep breathing will not only soothe your soul but make you feel more in control of your self.

Happy Weekend My Friend!

Adapt Your Adaptions!


  1. I am definitely going to do what you suggest about shopping on sundays. One thing I hate is that now the postal service is delivering packages on sundays too!


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