Sunrise Weekender V.8: The Weekly Quirky Journal

Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

  1. Weeping can turn into a deep form of worship to God.
  2. I overestimated how much I can do in a day, but if I do a little each day success will reign. It has to because progress is still being made no matter how little. Snail pace is still a moving pace.


Two Random Tips For You

  1. Make some quiet time to create something.                                                                          Whether it be a new recipe, a sewing project, writing, exercise et cetera. Just make time to allow yourself a tiny bit of this weekend to just let yourself get lost in the creation of something.
  2.  If you have a social media account let yourself go in sharing things of yourself. Let some insight of who you truly are shine brightly through those photos or posts. It took awhile for me to just let myself be comfortable sharing, not rants but just little tips or honesty about life. I know this may sound morbid but when people pass away, I scroll through their social media feeds looking for a way to connect for who they were. I want to get a sense of the life they left behind and these days our online journals are a way for us to leave a tiny mark. I don’t know what the internet future holds, but this is one unique way to share who you are and why you love the life you live.

Quote Of The Week

Part the seas
Lord make a way for me
Here in the midst of my lament
I have faith, yes I still believe
That You love me
Your plans are to prosper me
You’re working everything for good
Even when I can’t see
You know I believe, yeah
Help my unbelief, oh
Yet I will praise You
Yet I will sing of Your name
Here in the shadows
Here I will offer my praise
What’s true in the light
Is still true in the dark
You’re good and You’re kind
And You care for this heart
Lord I believe
That you weep with me
-Weep by Rend Collection

The Mini Challenge

Go onto your patio in the late evening and turn off the porch light. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the summer evening. Do it with someone you love or alone. This is a free way to relish the summer season before it passes.





Adapt The Adaptation 

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