Sunrise Weekender V.7: The Weekly Quirky Journal

  Quote Of The Week


Two Things That I Have Learned This Week

1. Personal discipline is savage. The inner voice(mind) is a powerful thing. We can either let it be negative or encouraging. We must change the tune of this inner voice and not let it work on its own. Personal discipline comes when you can change the proper channel of the inside voice to push you to be better and not to pull you down. Therefore, having an attentiveness to one’s thoughts is the first step of personal discipline.

2. Often times in my Christian faith I allow the voice of distraction to deter me from the One that I should listen to. Whether it is focusing on my sick body ( I live in it so, its mighty loud), responsibilities, deadlines, serving others, social media, peer pressure etc.., I always end up feeling depleted and it is then that I am reminded that I have been keeping my eyes and ears on things around me.

It is when my engine begins to sputter that I realize I am running on empty from the quiet voice that is calling me. That quiet voice that calms the storms and brings order to the chaos.

Before anything else, I must remind myself that the biggest discipline of all that pays in high rewards is to keep my focus on Jesus Christ.

I must carve out quiet time to hear His voice and allow him to realign my focus. It is when I am focused on Jesus that I am truly happy. This is not a new insight, but it has been brought to my attention that I need to check daily that I do not rush through my time with Him because I have other obligations. My time with Him is precious and everything else can wait.



Two Random Tips For You

  1. Homemaking Tip: Take your winter jackets to the dry cleaners in the dead of summer. On the first chilly day of fall, your jackets will be all ready to be snuggled into. A do it and forget it till ya need it kind of thing.
  2. Beauty Tip:  Remove the nail polish from your toenails and soak your nails in 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of baking soda and fill a basin or tub with enough water to cover toes.                                                                                                               Soak feet for 10 minutes. This beauty regimen helps any yellowing from the nail polish and restores the nails to a proper healthy look. Let your nails breath at least 1 week a month without nail polish.

Disclaimer: This is my own recipe. Use at your own discretion.


Mini Challenge

Buy 4 tubs of your favorite flavors of ice cream with cones and invite friends over to have an ice cream social.

Have a blessed weekend and a very Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

american flag berries bowl close up


Note: The “Digging Deeper” section has been removed. If you would like to see it back please let me know.


Live Life, Beautiful. 


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