Sunrise Weekender V.6 : The Weekly Quirky Journal 2018/06/22

Two Things That I Learned This Week

1. Examining your habits and character will cause a headache.

I am trying to study my own habits and tweak the ingredients for a cake of success and change. The game changer is that you will begin to see things and habits about yourself that will bug the living snot out of  you. I am even dreaming in my sleep about the habits that I desire to change, hence the mention of it being a headache.

2. I realized that a huge part of my creative writing has been stalled due to a lack of reading.

Somewhere, somehow and some year in the distant past,  I allowed the daily stresses of life to take away reading for learning and traveling along the journey and highways of a great fiction book.  In a way, I robbed my own self of a hobby I have loved since learning to read as a child.  I have seen the error of my ways and will be implementing a lot more traveling of the mind to see new sights, explore ideas, history, finances, mysteries and other cities and countries. Bon Voyage.


Two Random Tips For You

  1. Get out and visit your neighborhood. Don’t drive across town and if you don’t have to don’t drive at all, enjoy your home or backyard. Memories are awaiting.

2. Get some off-screen time. Do your self a favor one day a week or a few hours every other day to get some off-screen time and be present. Fully present.

Quote Of The Week

woman on rock platform viewing city

“Travel: The only thing you buy that makes you richer.”-Unknown

Mini Challenge

Pay for something for someone this weekend. It doesn’t matter stranger or a friend, do it to be kind and to feel the amazing blessing of generosity.


Digging Deeper

Did you get done with your put-off project? If so, what was it or are you still working on it?

I worked on the majority of the paperwork that I was supposed to get done. I am about 90 percent done. The other ten percent consists of speaking with the health insurance company and fixing our household budget. Blah about being on the phone, but I do enjoy budgeting.

Something about crunching numbers…mmhmm. I know I can see your eyes glaze over. Well, not really because that would just be creepy. :p

Share in the comments below the project you are working on or finished! I cannot wait to hear about it!

Happy Weekend!

Live Life, Beautiful.


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