Fashioning Time By Your Own Rules

Grandfather Time, you have to respect him. He has no boundaries and bows to no human or living thing. He is relentless,  and he will pass by when you want him to stay and when you wish he would go away he seems to linger.

Ah, time, you can’t bottle it, stop or rush it, and you definitely cannot buy it. The only action that can be done with Grandfather Time is to record and spend it.

Those two things are vital to a life of adaptation.

No matter what hardship you are facing time is passing by. It is up to us to register how we will exhaust it and spend it wisely.

I use to believe my mornings had to start at 5 a.m. to be successful in life. I didn’t mind, I am naturally a morning person. But when medications did not allow the early mornings, I lost hope and my planner sat there with empty slots. I was discouraged.

Time would pass and my day would be uneventful, mostly with bedrest. Until the idea hit me, (well, to be honest, my better half gave me the advice) if you only have a couple of productive hours a day the day is not lost. SIMPLE yet so profound. Why didn’t I think of this?!

Do what you can do within those few hours.

Rewrite your own rules for managing time.

Forget about the time slots and do a daily checklist with two or three things. If you get those done, move on to more. If not, then you still had success.

I tell ya, I have been trying this and have been knocking things out. This is how I came up with my daily slogan, “adapt your adaptation”.

It means if you have to adapt something and it does not work then adapt the adaptation!

grayscale photo of laughing woman holding her hat
Adapt the Adaption 🙂

I hope this helps you, fashioned women, to get more done with the time you have!

I wish you the best! Time is on your side, hustle, move and keep your chin up!

Live Life, Beautiful.



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