Sunrise Weekender V.5: The Weekly Quirky Journal

Quote Of The Week


blueberries cake chocolate chocolate cake

Two things I Have Learned This Week

  1.  Memories are made when we open intentionally stop for a moment and cherish the life around us.

  2. Fashioning your life is much harder than fashioning a wardrobe, but looking beautiful while working in the midst of your troubles is a game changer.

I like something comfy but fashionable like this Windswept Dress from DownEast that I am crushing on! ♥



Photo Credit: DownEast

Two Random Tips for You


  1. If your library has a buy it before you read, type of second-hand bookshop you can buy your fashion, entrepreneur, finance or home decor magazines for .50 for the latest issue or you can buy the older subscriptions for as low as .10! If your library doesn’t have one of these small bookshops then ask them what they do with the old magazines. It doesn’t hurt to ask and who knows you might get them for free-99!

2. Write a summer bucket list and stick it on the refrigerator. This will help plan out your summer activities and give you something each week to look forward to. Summer will be headed out into the fall weather before we know it, don’t let it pass you by!

Mini Challenge

Do a creative project that you have been putting off. By next weekend, before the next Sunrise Weekender is published have it completed! Wow, that sounded ominous, like a line from a serious movie! Haha 🙂


Deeper thoughts…

Have you ever sacrificed for something you desired to achieve?

Often times my husband and I plan our finances and my health…we make so many sacrifices for our goals. Sometimes it is hard to find others who will sacrifice diligently. It is as though they like the idea of success but despise disciplining now for a greater reward later.

Which is it for you?  Share in the comments below I would love to hear from you!

I am honored that you are here on The Fashioned Woman!

Live Life, Beautifully.


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