Songs For The Soul Playlist

Songs For The Soul Playlist

Written by Melissa Marie

Ever have those dry spells where it feels like all you do is fight battles? At church the preacher recently gave the greatest advice, he said, ” Give God your battles. Go to Him in prayer and leave it at the altar. Let Jesus fight your battles for you.” This meant the world to me. I know that God is with us through our battles but how about just giving it to Him each day?

These songs are the ones that came on the radio in my darkest battle and let the light shine in. I hope they do the same for you.

I’m Alive In You- Jesus Culture Ft. Kim Walker-Smith– Often times in the midst of life we feel like dried up flowers. Being reminded that we are alive in Christ is so refreshing and propels your faith forward.

Psalm 23- People & Songs- So uplifting.

Thy Will Be Done- Hillary Scott- A lot of times we fight for our will to be done. Knowing that we can give our will over because God has something greater allows all the ugly things in our fight to fall away and to hold onto the promises of God.

I Cry- Russ Taff- This classic song allows you to just cry it out to our Father, knowing that He cares.

Even If- Mercy Me- This one hits home in my heart every.single.time.

Fix My Eyes On You- For King and Country- The title alone says it all.

Talk About It – Brannan Murphy-  I like this song because often times we clam up about our issues instead of being transparent and honest. We need one another and this song is a friendly reminder of what to do.

Shelter- Carrollton- Finding shelter in God when it feels like the thunderstorm is turning into a hurricane. Knowing His peace is our shelter is comforting. When our plans are shattered…holding on to Christ is everything.

Boasting- Lecrae and Anthony Evans- This one the lyrics are tough to embrace it says,” I will boast in the cross, I will boast in my pain.” Meaning, even in the bad I will praise God. I will lift Him up no matter how hard it gets. It is much easier said then actually done.

Love Broke Thru- Toby Mac- This one is a loud reminder that His love will always breakthrough!

More Than Anything- Natalie Grant- Take a quiet moment for this song…it is worth it!

Fear Is A Liar- Zach Williams- A great reminder that you are worth more than what fear says because fear is a liar!


I hope you enjoy this playlist. I am honored to have you here on my blog. Be blessed knowing that you are never alone.

Live Life, Beautifully.


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