Sunrise Weekender V.3

Sunrise Weekender V.3

Written by Melissa Marie

Hello Friends! Welcome back to a Sunrise Weekender! Summer is here and I could not be more excited about the heat! We live in South/Central Texas where the humidity kicks up like a steaming kettle and it is my kind of thing. We had a nice transition with the seasons this year and I believe this summer is going to be sweltering. I will be okay as long as the air conditioning keeps me cold as ice cream. Ha, I never said I didn’t need assistance with the heat! It is all about balance right?

Did you know that in prehistoric times, ice and snow were gathered in the winter and stored in the summer to be used for cooling? Very cool, but here in America thanks to Willis Carrier, we have our a/c units that sit outside and we just have to set our thermostats in the house to cool us while we work or stay sane in the dead heat. Thanks, Mr. Carrier!

Into The Good-er Stuff

Two  Things I Learned This Week

  • To ask for help. I am a very independent person and if I am not careful can be a bit prideful about not needing help. However, I have learned that I do NEED help. I don’t know why that actually letting the words roll off my tongue and exit my voice box is so difficult. All I have to do is get over myself and ask. I am rusty about asking but will work on that. This leads to the second thing I learned. If I am to go through all that effort of using my voicebox, then I need someone to hear it and that is my support system.
  • A support system is vital to personal success. I have read numerous self-help books that claim that having a good support system is needed for growth and emotional health. I knew I had a great support system,but my problem was that I never would use it. I would get my “feelings” hurt if someone did not ask for my help when they obviously required it and I would get a bit puffed up like a blow-fish.  Why would they not ask for my help? Well, I have learned the hard way that it isn’t so much that they did not ask for my help as it was God’s way of showing me a mirrored image of my behavior. Was my stubborn independence hurting those I loved because I did not lean on them? If it hurt me, then I can only imagine the pain I ignorantly inflicted on my loved ones. Since, correcting my error’s I have felt nothing but love, encouragement, and a hand up when I needed it most. I definitely feel emotionally healthier from letting others in and I am growing because of it. Maybe those self-help books helped me help myself. Whew, that was a mouthful!

Quote Of The Week

alone bench person riverGod Doesn’t Give The Hardest Battles To His Toughest Soldiers, He Creates The Toughest Soldiers Through Life’s Hardest Battles. -Unknown

Two Random Tips For You!

  • Buy NEW sunblock and bug spray! Trust me, I have been bitten by those diseased insects with infectious needles known as mosquitos with my old bug spray. I bought some new and they left me alone.  The sunblock I lovingly gave my family to protect them left their skin crispy after a day outside. Not worth it. I hate paying for it, but I would rather you pay a few bucks now and protect your family from skin cancer and infectious diseases. Not to mention the temporary discomfort from a bite and sunburn.
  • If you live in a place that has bad mosquitos, ants, or chiggers, buy some ChiggerEX Plus! You can get it at most grocery stores, Wal-Mart or Amazon for a few bucks. This stuff almost instantly stops the itching or burning from the bite. It is a lifesaver for me because I get bit by all three insects and it leaves welts! Don’t worry I am not affiliated nor do I get paid through the link. I am just sharing what has helped me. 🙂

Your Mini Challenge

Get as many chores as you can get done today (Saturday)  and rest on Sunday…all day or at least part of it.

Thoughtful Questions For You To Respond To In The Comments!

Do you have a support system? Have you used it or do you need to build one?

I hope you enjoy your weekend no matter where you are in your life!

Live Life, Beautifully.

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