The Fashionable Woman Who Never Left

The Fashionable Woman Who Never Left

Dedicated To My Ma.

Written By Melissa Marie

It all started when you found out you were pregnant with the oops ( me). The unplanned child who wrecked your young career plans. I’m sure you were scared, being that you already had two other toddlers to raise with Dad. I can’t imagine how you felt, but I am glad that there was never any doubt that you would love me.

You chose to be a  stay at home mom, meaning we would have to sacrifice and live frugally, or how you would say it, “creatively”.  

Growing up, I remember hearing you pray and watching you give of yourself to others.

I remember seeing you cry when family life became difficult, but you never left.

You did not have great parents to role model after,but your heart never came from them. Your heart came from God alone.

Money was tight but you never said, “I’m not happy” and walked away.

I remember fondly, laying in your lap as you caressed my worries away by rubbing my hair, your hands smelling of dish soap and garlic from the kitchen you just cleaned and made supper in. You never complained and you always showed up to do the work.

When other children didn’t want to be my friend and called me names you stood tall and told me to do the same. You taught me that being different meant taking the high road.

Mom, because you never left, I never have to remember the last day that you walked out of my life because you’re still here, loving me.

Because you had the grit enough to stay, to know what was best for your family, you taught me to stay as well.

Because you never left

I am emotionally stable

I am confident

I am faithful to Jesus

I am a great wife

I am a loyal friend

I have the grit to never give up

I can garden like you

I can cook like you

I love my veggies

I love church and  giving to the community

I love others

I know how to pray

I know how to mother

I know how to listen and when to speak

I forgive

I dress like a lady

I laugh and smile often

I know how to shop well

I know how to keep a home tidy

I know how to keep my home safe with love and prayer

I am a fighter

I am a risk-taker

I  fly, run, dance, and sing

Before there was an I there was You. Because of you Mom, I am these things and know how to live well.

You are the most well-fashioned woman I know, fashioning your heart with love, your character with respect, and your smile with acceptance. Because you never left, I have someone to look up to, someone to call my friend, and someone I can proudly say, yep, that is my Ma! I strive to one day to be just like you, my well-fashioned Ma that stays with you and never gives up.

In honor of all MOM’s that show up and do the work!



  1. […] TheFashionedWoman says, “I just want to say that I know the struggle is so real for teachers these days. The fact that you are ethical alone is priceless. I am so glad this lady filled your cup! My random act of kindness happened when I was nine years old, I know it is not recent, but it goes along with the teacher theme. A kind teacher like yourself took me into her kindergarten class (the other teachers in the1st-3rd grade said I would be too difficult) and taught me to read and write. To her, I owe my love for reading, writing and education. I just wanted you to know that teachers matter very much. Keep giving, those kids need it.” […]


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