Editor Of Life: Glitter Your Own Pages

Editor Of Life: Glitter Your Own Pages 

Written by Melissa Marie

When I started this blog I brainstormed for ways to inspire us to create a crazy-good life together. I wanted to attempt all kinds of adrenaline stunts like hiking insane amount of miles ( hey, for me that’s huge!) just to prove that you can get out there and do it too. However, I believe it truly starts with the small things.

As a self-proclaimed life changer, I owe it to you as my readers to be completely honest. Honesty can be daunting though. It means to tell the truth even when the truth gets complicated.On the other hand, honesty is freeing as well. I have a great affection for things that pertain to freedom.

So here, on this beautiful day, I claim to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Prescription: Allow More Glitter In Your Life

For this article, I hope that my full transparency of being honest shows that I am just like you. I hope this inspires and helps you to want to do something for the change in your own life. It is my journey that I share, but it is not for my gain that I do so. I share because I have been inspired when others have shared their hardships, insights or gratitude with me.

I never want this blog to be about me. I want it to be that my life, my struggles, my desires become ours and that you discover your own inner ability to draft a masterpiece for building a gorgeous life. I believe the most important aspect of honesty is the ability, to be honest with oneself first. This is my humble attempt.

My full transparency is that I have had a difficult time lately, finding where to begin when showing up for life.

If I claim that from being chronically ill, that life is more than just breathing and fighting to live then what is simply more? To who’s standard is that “more” enough? I am my own editor of life and you are for yours. With being transparent with you I am going to share my lists and struggles with you below.


Disclaimer: These are all my own opinions. Follow at your own beautiful risk. 

Starting from where I am: Creating Freedom

For too long I have felt the need to consistently validate my station in life to others. This is quite exhausting, so I QUIT.

Freeing Myself: Things I Am Quitting

  1. Quit feeling like you need to respond to everything people say. Let silence be a response, just nod, and smile.
  2.  Quit allowing other’s preconceived notions about your job as a homemaker rattle your cage. Do your life, not theirs.
  3. Quit listening to negative advice. This is your life, not theirs.
  4. Quit worrying about other’s opinions for fashion advice. Dress your own self and know that your self-worth is not tied to a price tag, opinion, or trend.
  5. Quit being upset about things you cannot change. Pray about it instead.
  6. Quit taking offense to petty things. Let that drama go!

Freeing Myself: Reminders 

  1. Be Braver than you think you can.
  2. Have the courage to keep the words, “start over” on repeat.
  3. Believe in yourself even if you don’t have a support system.
  4.  Your flaws make you your own kind of beautiful.
  5. Christ thinks you are worth loving, so live in that love!
  6. Do things that terrify you so you can achieve the amazing!
  7. Cry sometimes, it is better to let go than to hold it in.
  8. Create beautiful things no matter how long it takes or who will see it.
  9. Wear beautiful things even if the occasion does not call for it.
  10. Buy things that make you happy even if others don’t get it.
  11. Decorate your home and heart with more than tangible things. Always make sure there is love, forgiveness, laughter, comfort, and joy nestled inside those walls.

Freeing Myself: To-Do

  1. Set insane,funktifide, audacious, crazy, fun and UNbelievable goals.
  2. Do something EVERY DAY to work on goals.
  3. Eat a cookie and let it make you happy. Then wash it down with a veggie smoothie..or not.
  4. Buy the shoes, life is too short.
  5. Write to an amazing audience every day.

Freeing Myself:  The New Standard

My New Daily Creed

Pull yourself up, and arise every.single.day. New standards create new breeds, do something unshakeable. Leave a pocket of happiness for the rainy days. Stay young at heart by creating, dreaming and doing. Run away from the old and live presently. Let the glitter and color into your life, it will remind you to stay uplifted and to giggle every day.

Well, folks that is all for now!

What changes will you be making?

Make Life Beautiful.


    • Hi Katie, I am glad you enjoyed it. I believe it is natural to often think of other’s opinions of ourselves. Sometimes that voice gets too loud. So louder declarations to yourself become necessary to counteract the negative. I know that we can do it!


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