The Sunrise Weekender

Okay, I can’t wait to tell you so I am just going to come right out and say it!

I have a treat for you coming every Saturday straight to your inbox!  Agh! So excited!  I am sending these out so that you will have something small yet delightful to do on the weekend.

It is called, Sunrise Weekender!

No, you will not have to get up at dawn to read it, but whenever you have a some quiet “me” time.

It will be a short soulful read that you can enjoy with your choice of beverage in hand.



An example of a Sunrise Weekender:: 5-10 Minute Read

A special quote/scripture of the day.

A mini challenge:  It will be something for you to try, think or talk about over the weekend.

Two things that I have learned from the past week.

Two invigorating tips for you.

A thought-provoking question that you will have the opportunity to engage with others and share your response in the comment section!

I am thrilled to be a part of your weekend!  Mark your calendar, the first one will be delivered 4/28/2018!



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