How to Get Fabulous Hair Regardless of the Weather for Under $30!


How to Get Fabulous Hair Regardless of the Weather for Under $30!

Written by Melissa Marie

Spring is here and summer is swiftly treading behind it! I know my biggest fear is always the hair! My thought process is deep with questions like, ” My hair is going to look like I drowned in the pool or stuck my finger in an electrical socket. Why can’t it just fall in between and give my head a luxurious boost like a hair infomercial?

Although I cannot always guarantee a luxurious hairstyle that will softly bounce around your shoulders, I can share with you tips that took my hair from  “girl ya need to fix yo hair ” to “Girl, how do you get your hair looking so good in this heat/ cold rainy weather?

I have the answer!

Disclaimer: Hair has the tendency to be unpredictable like the weather and not cooperate. However, this is how I have learned to manage my hair in the humidity of the sultry heat of South Texas humidity. There ARE some days where I surrender my hair to its own will and still have people compliment me, which always surprises me. Hey, natural is beautiful no matter how much of a mess we think we look like. 

Having confidence is a great character trait that brings the attention from the frizzy do down to the happy dazzling smile. But for the days we can manage the hair, we should feel beautiful and do the ‘flip, and wave’. Cue the scene from Legally Blonde. 

Have you tried dry shampoos and powders to get that volume when the humidity is determined to un-fluff your dreamy hairdo? I like dry shampoos only to help with smelling nice in between hair washes. Otherwise, it does absolutely nothing for volume in my hair.

This method is budget-friendly and gives great results!

Tip: I use to never budget in beauty products and tried to be cheap. My result was a disaster. No matter how small your budget is at least make an effort. Trust me.

This budget is for $30 or less! Yay!

Step 1: After shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower, spray the Ion Leave-in conditioner and brush your hair out. Do this even on non-wash days, if you have oily hair then just spray below the neckline down to the end strands.

Aviary Photo_131675394803073385
Ion Reparative leave-in spray   $6.99 @ Sally’s Beauty Supply

Note: Don’t do this right before heat curling or straightening your hair when wet it will burn and damage your hair.

Step 2: Use Ion Frizz Serum every time you see a frizz attack coming on.Use sparingly. When styling your hair apply about a dime-size  amount of serum before styling and as needed after. For example, before rolling the hair with hot rollers, brush out your hair and apply the serum sparingly to each section of hair is rolled. After you remove the rollers and run your fingers through each curl to separate, or to brush out the curl use more serum. This method also works with straightening the hair as well. This will give you a soft shiny bounce that is ready for the humidity, heat or rain to come.


Aviary Photo_131675403299705472
Ion Silk Drops $9.79 @ Sally’s Beauty Supply

Step 3: Top off your styling with  the Ion Flexible hold. I love this flexible hold finishing spray because it gives a polished look without being too stiff. It holds the hair into place while letting the hair naturally look luxurious and soft.


Style your hair any way you desire and no one will know that your budget-friendly products gave you that glam hair!

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed or paid for any links shared. I just like to give the actual website to help you find the places that I am referring to.



  1. I will have to try these! I tend to just give up on my hair in the summer…. it is so humid here in Virginia. But if I could actually conquer the frizz, I would be happy!


    • I can totally relate! Styling made be more difficult on a humid day but these products even make my natural wavy-straightish hair manageable and looking good. I hope you get awesome results:)


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